Why You Should Buy a Good-Quality Paint Brush. The best paint brush for cutting in.

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Why You Should Buy a Good-Quality Paint Brush

With so many well-packaged paint brushes on the market, it might be tempting to buy cheap. But do you know what you're buying? A poor-quality brush will never give you a professional finish, and it can cost you time and money in the long run. This article talks you through the reasons to buy a good-quality paint brush and things to consider when choosing a brush.


The problem with a poor-quality brush

Whether you're a DIYer, contractor or a paint shop foreman, buying a 'bad' brush is likely to cause you some of the problems described below.

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1.Loose bristles

best cutting in paint brush

When a brush sheds like a Labrador's coat, it makes for a frustrating job. Picking bristles out of your paint is messy and time-consuming. And if you accidentally leave any strays in your finish, you will have to spend time sanding and recoating.

2.Visible brush marks

Bristles that are too stiff will leave brush marks or streaks in your finish. You will need to add another topcoat using a better-quality brush to achieve a decent finish.

3.More work and more mess

If your brush goes limp, then it isn't holding the paint well. You'll need to load up with paint more frequently, and you're more likely to drip or spatter around the work area.

4.Painting Fatigue

When brushes are too limp, too stiff or have poorly designed handles, they slow the job down and are uncomfortable to use for long periods.

Signs of a good-quality paint brush

When you buy your next paint brush, considering the following factors will help you to choose a high-quality brush that will perform well and last.


To avoid shedding, check that bristles are seated firmly in a pinned, rust-resistant ferrule. Also, make sure that you have the right type of bristles for the job.

6.Natural bristle (pig/hog hair)

Use a natural bristle paint brush for oil-based paint, varnishes, shellac and polyurethane. Never use this type of bristle with water-based paint as it will absorb the water, leaving your brush limp and unable to hold paint.

7.Synthetic filament

If you are working with water-based latex and acrylic paints, water-based primers or water-based wood finishes, use a brush with polyester or polyester/nylon filaments. Brushes with a polyester/nylon blend offer more durability and hold their shape better.

8.Mixed filament blend


You can now also buy brushes with a mix of natural bristle and synthetic filaments. You can use these with all types of paint, and they offer a good compromise on price and performance.

9.Type of handle

Choose light, wooden handles for greater brush control and to minimise hand discomfort and fatigue. Hardwood handles are the most expensive option, but they absorb less of the coating and hold bristles in place better than any other type of material. Avoid plastic or rubber handles as they shed bristles easily and can become bendy when stored in a Brush Matevapour box.

best cutting in paint brush

10.Brush width

In addition to assessing the quality of the brush, check that it's the right size for your project. A set of 1"-4" brushes will see you right for most jobs. Use a 1"-2" brush for windows, trim and detailed work, a 3" for doors and cabinets, and a 4" for large areas such as walls.

11.Type of brush

There are many different types of paint brushes, designed for different application methods. Choosing the right brush for the jobwill help you to be efficient and to achieve the best possible finish. Choosing the wrong brush will have the opposite effect.

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The bottom line

Buying good-quality paint brushes will help you to achieve the best level of finish and save you time and money in the long run. When cared for properly, a professional-quality brush will last much longer than other cheaper options, speed up the application process and deliver superior results.

Is it time to replace your brushes?

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