Why Ultrimax 2 Isocyanate-Free 2K Paint Is Perfect for Agricultural Machinery and Fenestration

Why Ultrimax 2 Isocyanate-Free 2K Paint Is Perfect for Agricultural Machinery and Fenestration) - Author - Andy Potts November 16th 2020 (reading time 5 mins)

isocyanates in paint

(Isocyanates in 2k paint has long been a topic for discussion amongst professional painters )                       

Ultrimax 2 - Iso Free 2K Paint

Ultrimax 2 is one of the latest innovations in the Ultrimax range of industrial coatings and a best-seller with our customers in the agricultural and fenestration sectors. This article explains why this product is flying off the shelves and what it can do for your paint shop.

But before we explore the benefits of Ultrimax 2, it's important to understand the difference between 1-pack (1K) and 2-pack (2K) paint and why isocyanate-free 2K coatings are the way to go.

1-pack vs 2-pack paint

The main difference between 1-pack and 2-pack paint is the way that they dry. 1K will air-dry, whereas 2K paint requires an activator (sometimes an isocyanate hardener) to instigate the drying and curing process.

1K paint


  • Fast drying times - speeds up production.
  • Cost-effective - does not require a separate hardener, an extraction booth or top-end PPE.
  • Isocyanate-free - low risk for user health and safety.
  • Easy to use - suitable for the professional and DIYer.


  • Limited uses - building interiors, low-traffic areas and surfaces that are subject to minimal wear and tear.

2K paint


  • Cures to a highly durable finish - excellent resistance to weather, chemical and UV damage, making it suitable for exteriors, high-traffic areas and surfaces that are exposed to harsh environments.


  • Short use life once the hardener has been activated - high wastage costs.
  • Can Contain hazardous isocyanates - requires top-end PPE and an extraction booth for spraying, increasing both costs health and safety risks.


Learn more about 1k Paint vs 2K Paint

View youtube 1k vs 2k paint explainer video


Ultrimax 2 Isocyanate-free 2K paint - best of both

Paint manufacturers are starting to evolve coatings technology to create products that have the properties of 2K paint without the cons of isocyanates. UK-based Ultrimax Coatings is at the fore of such innovations with its isocyanate-free 2K paint, Ultrimax 2 high-gloss topcoat.



isocyanate free 2k paint

What problems does Ultrimax 2 solve for agricultural and fenestration paint jobs?

Ultrimax 2 is still a 2K paint, so it has the durability, hardness and adhesion properties needed for commercial projects. However, the product is cheaper, safer and more convenient to use owing to the elimination of harmful isocyanates.

Reduced spend on specialist equipment

Ultrimax 2 doesn't require top-end air-fed respiratory PPE or a spray booth extraction system, reducing your production costs significantly. You also have the option of applying the product with a roller or brush if you don't want to invest in spray equipment.

Safer for your workforce

When you choose Ultrimax 2 isocyanate-free 2K paint, you are putting your sprayers at less risk and reducing the number of measures needed to maintain health and safety in the workplace.

Use outside and on-site

Because there is no need for booth extraction, Ultrimax 2 allows farmers to paint plant and agricultural vehicles in barns, sheds or in out in the open, and UPVC window sprayers can work outside or on-site.

Durable high-gloss finish

Ultrimax 2 produces a top-quality high-gloss finish that can withstand the elements and heavy use. It's the ideal solution for finishing UPVC window frames, tractor wheels, cabs and farm trailers.

Accurate colour-matching

Ultrimax 2 can be mixed to any RAL or BS colour. It can also be matched to any common plant and machinery colour, such as John Deere Green, Kubota Orange or JCB Yellow. All shades have excellent colour retention and durability for harsh outdoor environments.

A Massey Fergusson tractor painted in Ultrimax 2 isocyanate-free 2K paint

isocyanate massey ferguson

Full Benefits of Ultrimax 2 and How to Mix 2-Pack Isocyanate-Free Paint


Are there any downsides?

Only if you need ultra-fast drying times, and if you do, standard 2-pack paint is the way to go at the moment. Investing in high-spec PPE and a spray booth filtration system is a must in this situation.



Ultrimax 2 - Ideal for Agriculture spraying and UPVC spraying

"All staff here are extremely happy with Ultrimax. We've had issues, but you have sorted them immediately. The quality of the product and service is second to none, so much so it has had a knock-on effect with our customers; our paint side of the business is in full demand - keep it up, it's all yours."

Agriculture Manufacturing Company in Staffordshire


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