Why order online?

How B2B companies do business is changing. There has been a noticeable trend emerge with buyers turning to online ordering - a quick, convenient, 24/7 way to place orders without the hassle of having to call or email suppliers. Eliminate errors from miscommunication on the phone and/or via email due to bad phone connections, or simply human error.   B2B companies today are thinking of eCommerce differently - it's no longer, just for B2C. Here is a list of the various advantages of purchasing from an online order management system:

  • Real time stock and price checks
    • Check the latest stock availability for each product, so that you can be sure that the product is available for next day delivery.
    • This is displayed on each product page, see the below screenshot:

  • Instant support
    • Our online chat gives you access to a support representation 7.30-4.30 Monday - Friday, and will respond to your enquiry almost immediately, where possible.

  • Full range of paint shop supplies
    • Shop the way you like - by department, brand or the search function - you can view and purchase everything you need for your paint shop, in one handy location - ultrimaxstore.com.
    • View all product details, including descriptions, dimensions & box quantities
    • Download technical & COSHH datasheets
  • View your unique prices & order history
    • Your own special prices will be displayed online.
    • All orders your company places online with Ultrimax are available to view in your account, under 'Orders'
  • Easy reordering
    • Add frequently ordered items to your favourites, which is accessed in your online account, for easy reordering of regularly purchased items for the paint shop(s).
    • Alternatively, simply reorder items from previous orders.

  • Stock clearance
    • View our latest stock clearance products and find a bargain! Only available whilst stocks last.
  • Secure payment
    • 100% safe and secure shopping - Visa/Maestro/Mastercard/Paypal/Solo
    • Alternatively, set up an account with us - and get 30 days credit terms.
  • Reviews


  • Hear direct feedback from our customers on products & service, and leave your own. We are always striving to improve - so let us know how, and we will do all we can to further improve the customer experience!

  • Update your contact details
    • You can add new delivery& billing addresses for immediate use in your online account. No waiting for the sales team in the office to set this up for you.
  • Keep up to date with the latest from Ultrimax
    • View our news and resources section to find out the latest from Ultrimax, including new product launches, promotions and the latest piece of technical advice.
    • Increase your knowledge with 'how to's and paint guides

Next Steps:Login or signup to Ultrimax, to prove the benefits that online ordering can bring. If you don't currently purchase from Ultrimax , simply set up an account. If you are an existing customer, enter your account number to login and view your unique prices online! For any queries with regards to the online portal, give us a call on 01302 856666. or email marketing@ultrimaxcoatings.co.uk.

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