What Makes Jotun Paints So Good? (Plus 3 Other Brands)

What Makes Jotun Paints So Good? (Plus 3 Other Brands). Author - Andy Potts June 23rd 2020 (reading time 3 mins)

jotun paints

What Makes Jotun Paints So Good? (Plus 3 Other Brands)

Jotun, RUST-OLEUM, Ultrimax and Sigma are four of the best performing industrial paint brands on the market. Here's a quick look at their histories, what makes them successful and their top-selling products.


Jotun began its life as a marine and shipping paint supplier in Norway in the early 1920s. It manufactured its first readymade paint - Aranol - in the early 1930s. The cold, harsh Scandinavian climate gave Jotun the ultimate test environment for their products, and they used it to their competitive advantage. Jotun gradually developed an international distribution network, which continues to grow. (Ultrimax was one of their first UK distributors in the 1990s, and we still stock the brand today!) Jotun has achieved accreditation and approval with NORSOK (oil rigs), Network Rail, Highways Agency and Bombardier Transportation, making it a trusted performance brand.

Jotun paints - top-selling products



jotun paints hardtop xp


jotun paints penguard


Jotun Hardtop XP -Two-Pack High Solid Polyurethane Topcoat Jotun Penguard FC- Two-pack epoxy polyamide


jotun paints jotamastic 90


jotun paints steelmaster


Jotun Jotamastic 90 -Two-pack Epoxy Mastic Coating Jotun Steelmaster -One Pack Intumescent



Learn more about Jotun Jotamastic 87-90



When sea captain Robin Fergusson noticed that an accidental splash of fish oil on the side of his ship had prevented corrosion on his deck, it sparked an idea. The New Orleans-based Captain spent the next few years developing 769 - the world's first anti-corrosion paint. That was back in 1921, and in 1939, RUST-OLEUM was born. By 1949, the company had become a recognised and successful brand in the US. Ten years later, RUST-OLEUM opened offices and a factory in the Netherlands. In 1983, the company acquired the French distributor Gachot, which became RUST-OLEUM France S.A. RUST-OLEUM continues to grow its reputation as the creator of innovative coatings for every challenge in industrial and residential settings.

RUST-OLEUM paints - top-selling products

jotun paints and noxyde


jotun paints pegagraff


Rustoleum Mathys Noxyde


Single Pack Waterproof

Metal Spray Paint

Rustoleum Noxyde Pegagraff


Single Pack Waterproof

Metal Paint


Ultrimax Coatings

Over 46 years of experience has developed Ultrimax into the dynamic family-run brand that it is today. The Yorkshire-born and bred company evolved from humble beginnings in Donald Hoare's home garage, where he sold cellulose paint and panels to the automotive repairs industry. Customers developed an appetite for Donald's friendly customer service and invaluable technical knowledge of the products that he sold. Six years later, the Hoares' built a warehouse, trade counter and offices. The company continued to expand its product range and entered the industrial paints market. In 2006, Ultrimax added manufacturing and direct-to-metal industrial paints. In the UK, Ultrimax Coatings has gained a reputation for Jotun-style quality, easy-to-use online ordering and direct customer service from their Yorkshire HQ.

Products to complement the Jotun range

Jotun coatings are heavy industrial/marine coatings for items that require a long-lasting finish without the need for high gloss. As a proud distributor of Jotun paints, Ultrimax has tried and tested the brand's products, and they have never disappointed. Clients reported excellent results and began asking the Ultrimax team if Jotun manufactured paints with a glossier finish. They didn't. Ultrimax saw the gap in the market and developed own-brand products to meet its clients' needs. Ultrimax 1 is the gloss equivalent of Jotun Conseal Touch-Up, and Ultrithane 31 is the gloss equivalent of Jotun Hardtop Flexi. Between them, Jotun and Ultrimax now cover all bases.

Ultrimax Coatings paints - top-selling products

ultrimax 1 metal paint



jotun paints flormax


Ultrimax 1


Industrial Primer & Topcoat - 5 Litre

Ultrimax Flormax


Industrial Floor Paint - 5 Litre



jotun paints sgx container paint


jotun paints ultrithane 31 metal paint


Ultrimax SGX


Semi-Gloss Coating - 5 Litre

Ultrimax Ultrithane 31


2K Primer & Topcoat

Learn more about Ultrimax Flormax


Sigma Paints


Established in 1722, Sigma Paints is a leading decorative, marine and protective coatings manufacturer in the Middle East. As you would expect, it has the monopoly on coatings that provide durability, reliability and protection in hot and arid conditions. Sigma is known for its ability to anticipate customer demands and offer unique high-performance solutions that are subject to rigorous testing. The brand is part of SigmaKalon - the second-largest coatings manufacturer in Europe, now owned by US-based multinational, PPG Industries.

Sigma Paints - top-selling products



sigma cover 400 paint


Sigmacover 400 - Ral 9005 Black - 4 Litre


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