Wet and Dry Film Thickness Formulae


As a professional painter wet and dry film thickness calculations may not be be most interesting part of the job....they are however absolutley crucial to paint remaining on the substrate in the manner it was intended!

To understand a little more about wet and dry film thickness ivew our training video.


Calcualting Wet and Dry Film Thickness Ratios

Easily convert and calculate the wet and dry film thickness and coverage of coatings applied to a substrate.  Usually the percentage of solids by volume in a coating will be known.  Please check the instructions for use of the coating or the 'Material Safety Data Sheet' (MSDS).

Below are the formulations regarding the wet film and dry film with the volume solids.


Wet Film Thickness = Dry Film Thickness/Volume Solids*

Example: What is the wet film thickness, if you want to achieve 100 microns' dry film   and the volume solids are 62%, for Ultrimax 1 Compliant? . 

Answer - 100/0.62 = 161 microns Wet Film Thickness


Dry Film Thickness = Wet Film Thickness x Volume solids*

Example: What is the dry film thickness, if you want 162 microns' wet film for Ultrimax 1 Compliant? .

Answer - 161 x 0.62 = 100 microns Dry Film Thickness  


Volume Solids* = Dry Film Thickness/Wet Film Thickness

Example: What are the volume solids for Ultrimax 1 Compliant, if the wet film thickness is 161 microns and the dry film thickness is 100 microns? .

Answer - 100/161 = 0.62 Volume Solids *Volume solids should be expressed as a decimal less than 1.  E.g. 62% = 0.62


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