Velcro Sanding Pads vs PSA Sanding Discs

(Velcro Sanding Pads Vs PSA Sanding Discs) - Author- Andy PottsJanuary 11th 2022 (reading time 3 mins)

Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) sanding disks and velcro sanding pads (also known as hook and loop sanding disks) are both popular choices with professional joiners and the DIY enthusiast alike. In this article, we look at the pros and cons of both types of abrasive disc, the types of sanding project they are suited to and which products to buy.

Velcro sanding pads

Velcro sanding pads use a hook and loop system to stick to your orbital sander. Their design makes them easy to attach, remove and reuse. Velcro sanding discs are the ideal choice when you need to switch through different grades of abrasive while working on a project.


  • Holds tight on the sander
  • Easy to switch between grits
  • Reusable - cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly than single-use discs.
  • Replacement velcro backing pads are available and inexpensive.


The hooks on the sander’s velcro backing pad will eventually wear out, causing your sanding pads to lose their stick. However, you will get a lot of use out of your orbital sander before needing to replace the backing pad.

velcro sanding discs


Which brands perform best?


We’ve been selling sanding discs at Ultrimax for years, and there’s no doubt that Mirka holds the monopoly when it comes to having the widest range of high-performance abrasive sanding discs for the professional joiner and DIYer. They’re our go-to choice for specialist abrasive pads. When it comes to choosing a quality all-round sanding disk, Mirka’s Gold Velcro Sanding Discs won’t disappoint, but there are more cost-effective options on the market that offer the same level of performance.

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Indasa’s Rhynogrip Whiteline velcro sanding discs are lightweight and available in a wide range of grits to suit most types of sanding tasks, including:

  • Preparation work
  • Heavy-duty sanding
  • Fine sanding
  • Blending
  • Micro-finishing
  • Rectification work

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Rigorously tested across multiple industry conditions, our own-brand velcro sanding discs deliver the performance of high-end products, such as the Mirka Gold, but with a lower price tag. They are manufactured from aluminium oxide and stearate to guarantee disc longevity and durability in the most demanding circumstances. Our sanding discs come in the full line of grits to cover every type of project.

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PSA Sanding Disc 360 View

Hand Sanding Pad 360 View

Velcro Sanding Pad 360 View

PSA sanding pads

PSA sanding discs are use pressure sensitive adhesive to stick to the sander. As with velcro, they are easy to attach, but you can’t reuse them. Choose PSA for large jobs where you need to continuously use the same grit disc until it wears out.


  • Easy to use peel-and-stick application
  • Secure hold
  • Backings are manufactured from a range of materials to suit every budget and type of project:
  • Cloth and film-backed for heavy-duty sanding - stronger and more tear-resistant
  • Paper-backed for lighter sanding and finishing


Because PSA sanding pads aren’t reusable, they aren’t suited to smaller jobs where you need to work through a range of grits.


Which brands perform best?


velcro sanding discs

The Sandy PSA discs from Mirka are, as you would expect, high-quality and hard-wearing. If you’re set on buying from one of the big players, you’re unlikely to get a better alternative.



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Again, our own-brand PSA abrasive discs are on a par with the Mirka Sandy discs. They cost considerably less and come with a nifty thumb-sized twist and peel tab so that you can rip off the protective backing with work gloves on.

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