Use a Home Decor Paint Set to Stave Off Covid-19 Boredom

Author - Andy Potts April 1st 2020 (reading time 5mins) Home Decor Paint Set.

Be Prepared for Downtime with a Home Decor Paint Set

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Like many of us i'm sure you are currently battling the first few weeks of Coronavirus (Covid-19) isolation at home. A home decor paint set wouldn't have been top of the first week list. It flew by, gardening, a gleaming car or even a 'Deep Clean' of the house during multi-tasking entertaining the kids painting eggs.

But week 2 is here and the to-do list is running thin. If like me you have a wish list of jobs to do, but a rapidly reducing amount of suppliers able to stock you may be tearing your hair out right now!

Home Decor Design Inspiration

If Home Decor and DIY is top of your stave of boredom list right now your first port of call may be inspiration, in my opinion there's no better place for design guidance than Clerkenwell Design Week.

Just view their website and check out their list of designers, look each one up on instagram or the company website and marvel at the amazing interiors you deserve for your own homestead!


Ready to Build Your Own Home Decor Sensation?

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Great you've made the bold move to transition out of pyjamas of the sofa and into some painting prep gear, but where to start?

Painting like most jobs in life (sadly) is 90% preparation and 10% finish. Get the preparation wrong and the finish will suffer so you need the correct paint set.

You'll need some protective clothing (PPE) to keep you covered and safe from inevitable spills, some masking tapes and papers to protect edging and the right tools to get the job done! Of course you'll also need paint in your favourite internal shade or perhaps metal paints which differ (read on). 

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Helping With A Home Decor Paint Set

You can pick up most items from a variety of shops both small and larger retail but no one company seems to provide everything under one room making it easy to get your home nirvana project off the ground.

Ultrimax are stepping in to help and have created a HUGE 58 item Home Decor Paint Kit to supercharge your rennovations.

It includes everything you need for days of interior decoration without a hitch - just add the paint of your choice. Ultrimax provides a number of the paints but emulsions you can still order form your local favourites such as Dulux (it's worth noting Dulux have a lovely free app, take a picture of your room, upload to Dulux and play around with different colours an schemes then order online.


If the Home Decor 58 item kit is too large for your needs try our slightly smaller and more affordable 26 item kit. Perfect for smaller DIY projects and Under œ50. Shop here.


The Home Decor Full Kit Contents

This 58 piece mega kit retails at œ137.36, that's only œ2 an item and includes professional brands such as Mirka, Stanley Tools and Duosafe. All 58 items are listed below but the real gift is at the very end (for children but maybe more valuable to parents!)'ll thank your lucky stars for reading on!

The entire contents of the kit plus more is compiled into an eBook for free download get it here.

Alternatively shop the kit here.

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Section 1 - PPE Personal Protection Equipment

Item 1. Size 'L' Prosafe Professional Painting Overalls included in the Paint Set

x1 Pair of size Large included in the Set.

Quality protective disposable overalls that protect against dry spills and liquid chemical splash. Breathable, comfortable hard wearing and moisture resistant.

  • -Safety designed with EN approval
  • Elasticated cuffs and leg ends
  • Effective zip and full hood protection

Not included in the kit but PPE you may also want to consider:





Nitrile Black Painters Gloves

Valmy FFP2 Face Masks




Premium Safety Goggles


Noisebeta Ear Plugs x200pairs





Protective Overshoes Pk of 50


Personal Hygiene Bag


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Section 2 - Masking & Sanding items

Item 2-15. Promask Masking Tapes

You're going to need to protect edges, sills and windows and there's no better way than's all in the preparation.

Promask tape can be used for a variety of applications. From paint masking to bundling and decorating. Excellent tack adhesion.

The two sizes in this pack allows for coverage (48mm) and precision masking (24mm) .

x14 Rolls (48mm x5 rolls and 24mm x9 rolls) included in the Set.





Promask - 48mm Masking Tape x 5

Promask - 24mm Masking Tape x 9

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Item 16 - Mirka Gold Box of Sanding Paper P180 (200 in a box)

1 box of 200 strips included in the Home Decor Paint Set. P180 Grade

1 Box included in the kit which comprises 200pieces of 115x125mm foam cushioned sheets.

Mirka Gold is a premium brand for sanding. This foam backed P180 grade sanding roll makes for a comfortable paper to use and is ideal for precision jobs. Can be used wet or dry.

A special coating prevents clogging and the easy dispensing box keeps everything organised.

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Also receive 10% off the Ultimate Home Decor Paint Set when you subscribe here reducing the price from œ137.36 to œ123.62*

Not included in the kit but PPE you may also want to consider:




Ultrimax Masking Paper Roll


Yellow Masking Sheeting - roll




Carpet Protection Roll - 600mm

Easy 3 Finishing Filler




Mirka Caratflex Sandpaper Roll


3M Masking Tape



Section 3 Tools of the Trade

Item 17 & 18 - Paint Handles Long and Short

Onto painting and you'll need the right kit to keep painting fit!

x1 230mm 9" Long Paint Handle

x1 230mm 9" Paint handle included in paint set.

The 230mm paint roller handle can handle any of the Ultrimax paint roller refills. Ergonomic grip and reusable after a thorough clean.


x1 100mm 4" Ultrimax Short Paint Handle

1x 100mm Handle included in Paint Set.

The Ultrimax 100mm paint roller handle fits any Ultrimax roller. The plastic grip contains moulded finger grooves for stability, control and comfort when painting. </

span>Can be attached to a standard extension pole.

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Items 19-30 Lambswool and Synthetic Paint Rollers

x2 Medium semirough surface rollers and x10 Lambswool Rollers included in the Home Decor Paint Set.

x2 230mm 9" Medium Pile Rollers

2x Medium 9" rollers included in Paint Set

Micro-pile fabric rollers are ideal for smooth to semi-rough surfaces providing even and smooth coverage. Ideal for interior decorating.

x10 100mm 4" Ultrimax Lambswool Roller Refills

10 Rollers 100mm 4" per pack included

Not just any paint roller! 

Lambswool rollers offer a premium finish. They are solvent resistant meaning when you add paint, topcoats or gel coats they won't break up, dissolve or produce 'bits' in your finish as you get with synthetic rollers.

The natural fibres hold more paint than a synthetic roller. 

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Items 31-32 Plastic Paint Tray 230mm

x2 230mm 9" Plastic Paint Trays 

2x Paint trays included in the Home Decor Paint Set

Tough, sturdy and made from black polypropylene.

Paint handle storage groove to hold in place securely while moving the tray to a new location.

Impact res


Items 33-34 Long and Short Paint Scraper

x1 50mm 2" Paint Scraper

x1 2" 50mm scraper included in Paint Set.

Stainless steel paint scraper with quality wooden handle for comfort and stability. Ideal for scraping cracked or blistering paint from walls or alternatively used to fill and spread putty's such as wall filler.


x1 100mm 4" Stanley Tools Long Handled Paint Scraper

1x 100mm 4" Stanley Tools Paint Scraper included.

The Stanley Tools long handled paint scraper makes stripping blistered or cracked paint a lot less tedious! Long rigid handle designed to be ergonomic from a bi-material. A hardened, toughened fixed blade is rust-proof to make this job ready.



Items 35-58 (24) 50mm and 25mm Contractor Paint Brushes

12x 25mm 1" Contractor Paint Brushes

x12 25mm Paint Brushes in Paint Set.

Amazing value this Home Decor Paint set includes x12 Contractor grade synthetic and natural fibre fine line 25mm paint brushes for delicate finishing work.


12x 50mm 2"Contractor Paint Brushes

x12 50mm Paint Brush included in Home Decor Paint Set.

All purpose 50mm 2" Contractor grade paint brushes x12 with synthetic and natural fibres for a purer more natural finish.

Resistant to bristle fallout meaning a cleaner finish with less streaking.


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Not included in the Home Decor Paint Set but you may also want to consider:




Mirka Leros Wall Sander & Bag


Mirka Deros 650 Electric Sander


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What Else Might I Need?

Ok so you have the basics of the Home Decor Paint Set it's a monster and should keep you busy for a good few weeks ! When it comes to cleaning up you may need some of the below to ensure your new designs aren't coated in a thick layer of dust.




5kg Box of Coloured Rags *Stock Clearance



Brushmate Paint Storage 20 Brushes




  age-1772" src='/images/ww/blog-post/CLW900_XL-prosolve-paint-shop-virus-wipes.jpg' />


Prosolve Paint Hand Wipes (150)

White Spirit 5ltr


Plastic Seat Covers pk of 100

Gramos Tak Cloths *Stock Clearance


Bin Bags 70ltr pack of 200

Kleenal Pump Action Hand Cleaner




Keeping the Little Rotters in-Line!!

If this is your children at the moment...

Then you might need a few kits to keep the kids occupied and allow you to get on with work. We've come up with the Kids Colouring DIY Kit! 6 A3 sized images of Max the bear to keep them busy. 

Go through our form for a set of our Kids Colour In Sets. A set of downloadable prints your kids can use to colour in and build keep them doing p ositive activities (NOT involving the iPad!).

If you purchase the Ultimate Home Decor Paint Set online with us we'll print them off as standard and pop them into your delivery. 

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Download the eBook for the Ultimate Home Decor Paint Set

Also receive 10% off the Ultimate Home Decor Paint Set when you subscribe here reducing the price from œ137.36 to œ123.62*


Total Paint Shop Support from Ultrimax

Our Total Paint Shop Support Team can help you with any other enquiries including Looking After Each Other in the Face of COVID-19:

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For more information,

Call on 01302 856666 


Youtube Need advice but like watching short videos? checkout our YouTube Help Channel here

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