Ultrimax Coatings supports rescue mission at Fishlake, Doncaster with Starchem Valve Dust Masks.


Stricken Doncaster Fishlakes Village Supported By Ultrimax

Some residents in a flood-stricken Yorkshire village could be out of their homes for up to three weeks as efforts continue to make the area safe.

Doncaster Council said 1,900 people had been taken to safety, with the village of Fishlake being one of the worst hit.

About 200 Army workers are in South Yorkshire supporting the flood effort.

Checkout the recent views of the stricken Doncaster Fishlake village below: 



Shelley Beniston, who is organising supply runs in Fishlake, told Mr Johnson there had not been enough help from authorities.

When the prime minister asked if there was anything he could do to help, she replied: "I think it's more or less all coming in now, a little bit too late though."

The PM said the government was "plainly going to have to do more" to equip places with flood defences.

Speaking in Warwickshire on Wednesday evening Mr Johnson added: "We as a country need to be investing in the long term in flood defences.

"We have already put œ2.6bn in as a government and we've ensured that places that are particularly vulnerable get more per capita.

"That's why I stress importance of investment in infrastructure".

Ultrimax Coatings Supporting

With a lack of official aid, Ultrimax Coatings felt the need to step up and offer what services it could to support the clean up crews and MOD in the area. Ultrimax Coatings is a local company to Fishlakes and has viewed first hand the devestation it has caused. A number of staff live within the Fishlake area and Ultrimax directors have visiting the area to support these members of the workforce.

Conditions in a flooded village can not only be tough but also treacherous to health for both residents and rescuers.

The area doesn't have a gas supply and oil from overflowing tanks, together with effluent from fields mixes in with the water producing significant respiratory risks.

Ultrimax Coatings have stepped in to support the rescue crews by providing 200 Professional grade Starchem Valve Dust Masks to ensure minimum exposure to toxic compounds for teams, working tirelessly in high risk areas.  [caption id="attachment_1538" align="alignright" width="300"] Starchem valve dust mask[/caption]


The Starchem Valve Respirator is a piece of FFP2 PPE safety kit protecting against:

  •  moderate levels of dust.
  •  solid and liquid aerosols.
  • Higher protection than FFP1
  • OEL: Protects against materials in concentrations 12x limit.
  • APF: Protects against materials in concentrations 10x limit.


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Products that they use:

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