Ultrimax Coatings Supports Doncaster Foodbank - Local Community Update

Ultrimax Coatings Supports Doncaster Foodbank - Local Community Update

Ultrimax Coatings have continued to support local community trusts within the Yorkshire area before, during and after the pandemic.

By supporting the local economy and needs of the community we have found that our positive reach can affect more lives than by simply contributing to national schemes and initiatives.


doncaster foodbank

Ultrimax Coatings tries to provide local support to different organisations each month in some form and in June 2021 Ultrimax teamed up with Trussell Trust. The Trussell Trust provides emergency food care with an ultimate aim of eradicating the need for foodbanks in modern society.


doncaster foodbank

To aid Trussell's cause Ultrimax Coatings Senior Director, Chris Hoare delivered a weeks worth of shopping to the trust. ** (as the delivery was made during the covid pandemic - covid safe protocols were observed and conducted the handover via a rear entrance to the building allowing the food & consumables to come into less contact with people)

Chris commented., 'We're very proud to partner up with groups such as the Trussell Trust and groups like this as we have similar altruistic values within the Ultrimax company. We hope this donation can be put to good use eradicating world hunger step by step'.


If you would like to become involved in donating or you have a local Yorkshire trust you feel would benefit from working with Ultrimax Coatings then please contact us below.



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