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However you value a review, be it a Trustmark, Google+, Feefo or even a good old fashioned personal referral... the checked and vetted review is still one of the most powerful tools for checking honesty & integrity of a company. 

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Harnessing A Trustmark

Most companies are actually pretty reliable and honest but there are plenty out there with less genuine intentions. That's why the power of the people has become so powerful - especially when making online payments.

Not just for the customer but also for the companies like Ultrimax Coatings to poke above the clouds and shout we are a trustmark, we are CHECKED and VETTED! 

Feefo the Social Honesty Platform

At Ultrimax we tend to favour Feefo as our method of generating social honesty. We make a sale and ask for a review, as Feefo is a third party platform we can't amend the customers view, only reply to it and work hard to ensure it gets a trustmark gold standard. 

The important part is that it's honest, genuine and across many individuals making it useful for others potentially purchasing on our website 

Other Ways to be Checked and Vetted

As there are other ways Ultrimax can be checked and vetted other than Feefo (We are 4.8 out of 5 ?? by the way ) .

We thought we would ensure everything is compiled into one place so that potential customers can see our full array of testimonials.

We often place our testimonials on social media so please check them out for regular updates.

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Trustmark Social Media Profiles

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B&W Plant Hire and Sales Limited - Feefo - Feb 2020

Excellent quality products. We have been using Ultrimax for nearly 12 months and we can't fault them, excellent quality products at competitive prices on time everytime.


Simon Skeet T/A Melton Boatyard & Granary Yacht Harbour Ltd -Feefo Feb 2020


Excellent service


liu_mang2008 -Feefo - Feb 2020

The customer service was very helpful


Doncaster Citation Service Centre - Internal Trustmark Email Feb 2020

Hi Bruce,

Just a quick reply about the Tuffalo HD film. I would say it is definitely the best new product that has made its way into aircraft paint in years, It's excellent at protecting the Inboard section of an aircraft wing and has excellent grip when stood on, even after two coats have been applied to the nearby areas.

Best Regards,

Gavin Jenkins
Paint Facility Lead - Doncaster Citation Service Centre

NC-Engineering - Internal Trustmark Email Feb 2020

Hi Bruce

Getting on well, I gave the overalls to one of the painters to try for a month, he says the quality of them are excellent and he has no overspray on his ankles or boots with the elasticated legs and sleeves, which also save a bit of time from masking exposed skin/clothes.

Standard practice in NC is to put a new pair on each day to avoid dust and dirt so I can't really comment on the durability of them.

If they were more competitively priced I would have no hesitation ordering them, although I understand it might be hard to match the price we currently pay for ours.



Lee Hullock - Feefo March 2020

Excellent service.Great company

Excellent service. Extremely quick delivery of goods. Would recommend.

3M Disposable FFP1 Valved Respirator Mask (10) 08812
SKU: 3M-8812

Neil Walne - Feefo March 2020

Ultrimax 1 - Glossy Paint - Green

Colourmax Aerosol



Thorworld Ltd - Email March 2020 (COVID-19)

Morning Daniel ,

hope you are well, as from today Tuesday 25th march we are going into shut down for how long is uncertain.

Thank you for your update and hope to be back soon and won't to take this opportunity to thank you on what a good service your company provides us!

Thanks & Regards,

Steve Revill

Works Manager


Buying Paint for Steel Fabrication

Steve Birkett - FEEFO March 2020

Feefo Review

View Flormax Paint

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

Steve purchased from Stock Clearance - do the same, View Stock Clearance

View respirators at

Review left by Martin @ MG Mitchell in Hove April 16th 2020

Product Purchased: Brushmate

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Don't forget to Sign Up for New Updates as we release them. Sign Up

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Thanks for the positive feedback Jesse - Shop s://">3M Respirator Face Masks

Positive feedback on Ultrimax 3M Gas Filters


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com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/gas-cartridge-.png" alt="" class="wp-image-2532"/>
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