Traffiglove Cut Resistant Gloves UK (video)

Traffigloves are a unique cut resistant gloves UK system that has been designed to make it clear and easy to identify whether or not your staff are wearing the correct gloves. 

Red Cut Resistant Gloves UK (Cut level 1)

TraffiGlove Classic 1 Red Cut Resistant Glove UK- TG1010 (9) (Pr)

These are the most basic gloves with a lower cut level 1 protection which are suitable for most light handling work. You will however need higher protection when in an area of higher risk.

Amber Cut Resistant Gloves (cut level 3)

traffigloves cut resistant gloves uk amber

Then we have the amber gloves, which give you medium protection cut level 3 and are very good for most types of handling work. 

Green Traffigloves (cut level 5)

TraffiGlove Classic 5 Green Cut Resistant Glove uk - TG5010 (9)

The green gloves are the best. They give you the highest protection possible with cut level 5 and can protect your hands from all levels of cutting risk. 

Why Use the Traffiglove System

The beauty of the Traffiglove system is that they are extremely easy to recognise which gloves are suitable for different types of work. This allows you to be confident about the protection of yourself and your teammates.

Traffiglove Hand Size Guide

Traffigloves cut resistant gloves uk size guide

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