The Quickest Way To Spray Disinfectant in Large Areas.

By Braden Smith - Apr 7th 2020 - Spray Disinfectant

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The QT190 was originally designed as a small airless spray pump for decorating contractors and general decorators, however cleaning and infection control professionals needed a quick and easy way for the distribution of large amounts of spray sanitiser and spray disinfectants.

Because of this gap in the market the QT190 airless spray pump was adapted for the spraying of all government approved disinfectants and sanitising fluids. This airless spray pump is therefore the perfect solution for the spraying of disinfectant fluids and the sanitising of medium to large areas where it is vital for a quick and easy method of spray sanitation.

Download your guide to airless pump spray disinfection here

Ultrimax Take the Lead on Spray Disinfectant

Ultrimax have often been innovators in the industry and the recent COVID-19 pandemic has been no different. To test the Q-Tech before providing to market a full test of the factory was conducted to see how fast coverage of anti-bacterial could be applied.

A full 100m x 100m factory can be sterilised in a matter of a couple of hours with spray disinfectant replacing a process by hand that make take days. Watch our snippet film of the process below: *Note the unique noise is simply the Q-Tech sprayer at lower pressure, but it makes for a unique sound!

Why you need to spray disinfect public surfaces

A study done by John Hawking University proved that viruses like COVID-19 stay on surfaces for several days. Therefore, to control the spread of infection, daily sanitation of surfaces that come into contact with large volumes of people is critical. The most efficient way of doing this is by using an airless spray pump.

So not only should we limit human to human transmission by enforcing social distancing, regularly disinfecting public areas like transport, washroom facilities, education facilities and public amenities is crucial for controlling the spread of viruses like Covid-19

The move to spray disinfecting isn't new with many countries such as Mombasa already taking up the process in public areas to disinfect people as well as surfaces.

8 Tips - How to use your airless disinfection spray pump

We fully recommend going through the pump manufacturer's set up process before use but here are a couple of points to bear in mind.

  • Ensure the work space is clear of any potential dangers and that all bystanders, children, and anyone else are at a safe distance and away from the work area.
  • Stay alert and treat the spray gun like a loaded gun as the high pressure spray can be very dangerous.
  • Always set the spray gun safety lock into the "locked" position when cleaning and setting up the gun.
  • Secure all hose connection pumps to ensure none come loose
  • Flush the spray pump (see page 16 of the manufactures manual)
  • Adjust the pressure to the correct level for the disinfectant (1100 psi is recommended).
  • Ensure the spray is coming out of the gun correctly and in an orderly fashion.
  • Start disinfecting!


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We recommend using this Spray Disinfectant from Cura Products

Airless Spray Surface Disinfection In Action

Where to use the Disinfectant Spray

The airless disinfection spray can be used almost anywhere, but we would recommend using it for larger areas that experience high volumes of people like public transport and public washrooms. See below list of where we recommend it to be used.

  • Public transport.
  • Public amenities.
  • Care and Nursing facilities.
  • Educational facilities.
  • Gym's and Sports facilities.
  • Children's play areas.
  • Public washroom facilities.
  • Catering facilities.
  • Office Spaces.
  • Door handles, Stair handrails, Cabinet pulls etc

Spray disinfectant on public transport

The QT190 Spray Pump Technical Information


Flow 1.9 ltr/min

Tip 510

MWP 1100 psi (regulated)


Motor 700 watt

Weight 14.85 kg (complete)

Q-Tech sprayer for disinfectant

Buy the Q-Tech 190 Online

We're proud stockists of the Q-Tech 190 Range. Click on the link below to buy it online. >Q-Tech sprayer for disinfectantQ-Tech sprayer for disinfectantView Q-Tech 190 240vView Q-Tech 190 110v


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