The benefits of stock management systems

If your business needs to hold stock on-site for its operational needs then it is vital to have a robust stock management system in place. If you haven't already then you should think about implementing one as soon as possible to increase your overall efficiency and performance. Once you have a stock management system in place, you will be amazed at the many superb benefits it can bring. This kind of system will make keeping the optimal levels of stock on site easy as well as being able to plan out your stock requirements in advance. Here are some specific features you can expect to get when you have a stock management system installed:

Take the guesswork out of your business planning: If you don't have any proper system in place to keep a strict check on what stock you have in and where, then it is pure guesswork for you as a company. You might think that you have 10 tins of industrial floor paint in but then find there are actually none when you check in person! Obviously, this is a big problem if the job you are working on needs them during that day. This problem is entirely avoided with a fit for purpose stock control system as it will keep an accurate tally of what you have. This will mean you can always stay on top of your stock levels and ensure you have the products in you need, when you need them.

Better for your business: Another excellent benefit is the positive impact it will have on your business. It will help greatly in the reduction of lost sales due to not having the required levels of a certain product in stock. Many systems can alert you when a certain item drops below a set level. This is the kind of thing that will help you always have enough paint in stock to compete. The knock-on effect of this is that you will acquire an increased sense of customer loyalty and reputation within your sector. If you can ensure your stock levels are such that you can always take work on, people will be far more likely to come back to you again.

Gives you enough lead time to order new stock: As already noted, planning for the stock you need is a vital part of any business that uses products like paint. By using a stock management system, you will be able to see when you should order new stock in plenty of time. This will ensure it arrives just when you need it and with no expensive downtime for your company. No company wants to find out that they have run out of primer and it will be the next day by the time it arrives.

Reduce emergency cost purchases: If there is one big stock mistake a lot of companies make it is having to order in emergency supplies to complete a job. Very often, this is much dearer than if you ordered normally as the shipping or freight costs to get it delivered fast will be more expensive. A good stock management system will eliminate these emergency costs as you will never have to order at the last minute again. In essence, it gives you back the control to always stay on top of what is happening in your company.

Save time and money:

If you hold your stock on a large site, then it may not all be in the one building. Even if it is, it may be a huge warehouse with many different locations in it that individual paints or primers may be. If you invest in a stock management system, you will always know exactly where the tin of paint you want is. This will cut down on time spent wandering around by employees trying to find it and ultimately, save your business money.

Get in touch today: Here at Ultrimax, we can help provide a top quality stock management system to your business. This will bring all the above superb features to your business and help you stay in control. Give us a call today on 01302 856666 and see just what we can do for you. Of course, if you do need new stock ordering, we have a wide range of industry-leading industrial paint supplies to choose from. With same day dispatch and a choice of delivery options, we can get your paint to where it needs to be.

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