Staying Positive and Why 2 Metres Guidance on Social Distancing is Crucial to Kickstart the Economy

Author - Andy Potts April 14th 2020 (reading time 3mins) 

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Keeping positive and busy has been an admirable theme in the last few weeks of British life.

As the spike approaches and flattens, there is a period just as crucial for us all to contend with. The 2 metre rule for guidance on social distancing protects the vulnerable, check out the official guide to it here. Just as importantly observing these rules will protect the UK business economy too. 

Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) Airbourne Spread Rate 3D Model - Aalto University

The 3D model by Aalto University a think tank comprising the Finnish Meteorological Institute / Aalto University / VTT / University of Helsinki / IT Center for Science CSC. Highlights just how important the guidance on social distancing is to reduce the infection rate.

Watch the video below, shown is the spread rate indoors after a person coughs on a shopping aisle. 

Airbourne particles / Airbourne virus cloud is modelled to show how fast one person infects another in an enclosed space.



So Why Is This Important?

The 3D Model shows that one person can infect another within 6 minutes of a cough dispersal and that assumes only 1 person inhabits each aisle. The CDC have confirmed that 1 person with Covid-19 can infect a further 3. It's therefore crucial to maintain the 2 metre rule set out by the Government and more importantly not to place yourself at risk of infection unless absolutely necessary.**

This blocks the spread rate, which in turn reduces the infection rate. The faster the spread is stopped the faster the spike curve will flatten and ultimately the faster restrictions will lift...both socially and from a business point of view. 

Once restrictions have lifted we can return to work in essential class phases with those dealing with groups or close contact ( beauty therapists and dentists) probably returning to work in the latter stages.

**Note if you are unsure of how long is 2 metres is or need 2m in feet converting  check out our links here. 2 metres in feet calculator 


A Return to Work After COVID-19

The return to business normality may be a slow one but with Spain already paving the way while still adhering to social distancing rules, there is light at the end of the tunnel. See Spain's methods for returning to work here.

5 things We Learn From The Coronavirus Spread Rate?

The spread rate to infection outwards from Wuhan can also show us the way to reduce a duplicate scenario on a return to work. The New York Times have produced an amazing visual map of how the initial spread transferred from the tiny food markets to international travel back to Europe and other international areas.  

By viewing this kind of visual trend we can break the viral spread chain by following a list of key actions:

  1. Observe the 2 metres rule for social distancing when out
  2. Don't invite any person not living in your home to visit
  3. Only visit risk areas such as supermarkets when necessary ( if possible order shopping online or make trips less frequently)
  4. Wash your hands after any external interaction such as receiving parcels, going to the shops or after walking the dog.
  5. Break the likelihood of transferring the Covid-19 virus by wearing adequate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) such as those listed below:

Protection kit list you may want to consider:




Nitrile Black Disposable Gloves


3M Reusable Half Face Masks





Premium Safety Goggles


Noisebeta Ear Plugs x200pairs







Protective Overshoes Pk of 50


Disposable Seat Cover

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What Else Might I Need as General Protection?

Ok so you have the basics of PPE, you can however continue this around the home by ensuring surfaces and personal objects like mobile phones and iPads are routinely sanitised. Check out a few home PPE items you may like to consider:




5kg Box of Coloured Rags *Stock Clearance



Gerson A1P2 Half Face Mask





Prosolve Hand Wipes (150)


White Spirit Alcohol 5ltr





Plastic Seat Covers pk of 100


Gramos Tak Cloths *Stock Clearance






Bin Bags 70ltr pack of 200


Kleenal Pump Action Hand Cleaner



How to Deep Clean with Spray Sanitiser?

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One of the key factors of Covid-19 spread has been the virus' longevity on surfaces such as plastic, steel and fabric. If you would like to sanitise these areas you will need to deep clean with an effective agent.

Scrubbing all day long with alcohol wipes may get you there, but a far easier method is spray sanitiser. By using a spray gun with a sanitising fluid which kills bacteria and viral spread a large area can be effectively disinfected in minutes. See the Ultrimax guide on spray sanitising here.

Until you Return to Work

If you are still working from home currently, hopefully you have long since got up and running with a routine and designed working space. If you haven't check out our guide to help you adjust to home working - The Ultimate Guide to Working From Home.


Keeping the Little Rotters in-Line!!

If this is your children at the moment...

Then you might need a few kits to keep the kids occupied and allow you to get on with work. We've come up with the Kids Colouring DIY Kit! 6 A3 sized images of Max the bear to keep them busy.

Go through our form for a set of our Kids Colour In Sets. A set of downloadable prints your kids can use to colour in and build keep them doing positive activities (NOT involving the iPad!).

If you purchase the Ultimate Home Decor Paint Set online with us we'll print them off as standard and pop them into your delivery.

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Total Paint Shop Support from Ultrimax

Our Total Paint Shop Support Team can help you with any other enquiries including Looking After Each Other in the Face of COVID-19:

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