Standard Cellulose Thinners Explained (video)

What Standard Cellulose Thinners Are Used For

Standard cellulose thinners have been designed for cleaning spray equipment and painting equipment after use with solvents. This includes, spray guns, brushes, rollers, basically anything that you want to reuse after painting you should clean down with standard thinners.

To assisted with cleaning down you might want to purchase a Pneumatic Spray Gun Cleaning Machine that can clean all your equipment in no time at all.

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What Standard Cellulose Thinners consist of

Standard thinners is a recycled product. It comes from waste streams so it will contain traces of water and traces of some paints but these are diluted by the addition of virgin solvents.

Please note that the price of this product will vary depending on the availability of these waste streams. If the waste streams are plentiful then less virgin solvents will have to be used meaning the price won't be so high. On the other hand, if there is a lack of waste streams, then more virgin solvents will have to be used meaning an increase in price.

Never Put Standard Cellulose Thinners into Paint

The important thing to understand with standard thinners is to not use this product to thin down paint coatings. This is because it will cause a lot of problems further down the line and create a poor finish. F

or thinning down Ultrimax single pack paints you will need to use our Xylene thinners. For thinning down any Ultrimax two pack paints the Ultrimax Universal 2K Paint Thinner is the thinner we recommend for use.

Buy Standard Thinners from Ultrimax

You can purchase our own branded Ultrimax Standard Cellulose Thinners in either 5 Litres or 25 Litres.

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