Something so satisfying about this 2K Spraying video!

There's nothing like watching an extremely good painter do what he is best at, painting! One of our sales team shot this video while doing a trial with our Ultrithane 31 Direct to Metal 2K Polyurethane paint and the results are spectacular. The excellent colour retention and coverage of the product really show through.


Ultrithane 31 2 Pack Paint In Action

Ultrithane 31 - 2K Polyurethane Direct to Metal Paint

Ultrithane 31 is a 2K Polyurethane direct to metal paint which has a lot of benefits for companies wanting a durable finish but without the hassle of having a primer. As you can see on the video, it has excellent colour retention and the coverage is second to none. This allows for bright colours like the green to be applied directly onto steel in one coat.

spraying 2 pack paint

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Ultrithane 31's application is straightforward with the most satisfying results. With an airless spray, brush or roller, the coating covers all the desired areas. No special painting skills are required, which makes it all the more accessible and effortless to use. The paint provides an excellent state-of-the-art appearance as it has a high quality, glossy finish. So for any company striving for a fantastic finish with no compromises, Ultrithane 31 is the product to go for.


Importance of a high quality paint finish

We at Ultrimax want to make sure you are getting the best finish possible. We also believe that your paint shop should be on the top of the priority list. By increasing the importance, your company will 99% of the time get as good a finish as the company in the above video. See the video below where we explain the reasons behind why high-quality finishes are vital for the growth of any company.


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