Skip and Container Refurb to Lime Green By Elgia

(Skip and Container paint refurb to Lime Green) - Author - Andy Potts April 28th 2021 (reading time 1 mins)


skip and container paint

Containers are always Lime Green

When Ellgia Waste Management of Scunthorpe repaint and skip or container, they make sure that everyone in the local district knows it came from them!

It's long been a marketing tactic of Ellgia to paint their skips in a bright Lime Green BS colour 12E51 for maximum lime green effect. So when they needed to refurb some rusty old skips back to head turning ways they looked no further than Ultrimax paint.


Ultrimax 1 - DTM

The Ultrimax advice was to go for our top selling product Ultrimax 1, easily mxable to any RALor BS colour including Lime Green and can be applied directly to metal in 1 coat acting as a primer and topcoat after only a light refurb of the skips rusty condition. (We always advise light sanding to clear back the rust or use a rustcoat to inhibit any further development.)

In this case after some light sanding the skips were ready to go and apply Ultrimax 1 at a spread rate of 6.5 m2 per litre.

As you'll agree the finished result will not be missed with a glossy finish and is ready to collect rubbish and act as a fantastic marketing tool for Ellgia.

before container paint

another before container paint

after container paint

sskip paint after 2

Not Just for Skips

Ultrimax 1 isn't just a container paint it can also be used as a fleet paint range due to its glossy finish and zinc phosphate anti-corrosive properties. We have a full range of fleet colours to choose from here. See Fleet Colour Range.


Need Ultrimax 1 Technical Data?

Looking for tech information on the Ultrimax 1 product use our resources below:

Technical Datasheet

Safety Datasheet


1k vs 2K Paint

If you're unsure of the difference between using 1K paint and 2k check out out training video on the benfits and negatives of both.


Further Information

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