Sheffield Dunelt Motorbike Refreshed With Ultrimax Paint

Sheffield Dunelt Motorbike Refreshed With Ultrimax Paint Author - Andy Potts August 25th 2020 (reading time 3 mins)


sheffield dunelt painted

Dunelt Motorcycle Post restoration (image provided by wikipedia)

Dunelt Motorcycles was a British motorcycle and bicycle manufacturer. Based in Sheffield, the business was founded by two steel makers and engineers, Dunford and Elliott (Dunelt is a combination of their names) of Sheffield in 1919. Their first motorcycle was an innovative supercharged 499 cc two-stroke single.

The company specialised in good quality sidecars from 1926 and a Dunelt motorcycle was first to cross the desert from Cairo to Siwa and back in 1924. Dunelt also enjoyed racing success and won the Double Twelve Hour World Record at Brooklands with a Model K in 1928. Dunelt moved into commercial three-wheeled cars but these were not a success. A Dunelt moped was exhibited at the Earls Court show in 1956 but the company diversified into other areas of engineering in 1957.


Kelham Island Restoration

The Dunelt is a rare bike and so when Ultrimx were given the opportunity to help restore it to former glory, ready for Kelham Island Museum we jumped at the chance. ** ( it's worth noting that the bike restoration and display would now as of August 2020 be completed and ready for public viewing, but the onset of the Coronavirus epidemic has delayed both the bike restoration and Kelham Island Museum is closed for safety measures).



sheffield dunelt painted

Primer Paint

Ultrimax offered to provide paint and primer free of charge and the restoration can be detailed below.

Ultriprime was used as a basic paint primer to ensure the paint finish would bond correctly.


sheffield dunelt painted


A single pack alkyd based grey anti-corrosive primer, that lays an excellent base layer for your topcoat. Very fast drying, high solids with anti-corrosive zinc phosphate pigments to give lasting protection to the steel. Ultriprime is ideal for the protection of structural steelwork, machinery, agricultural equipment and general fabrication projects. It can also be used in conjunction with Intumescent coatings.

  • High build
  • Fast drying
  • Easy application
  • Range of colours
  • Safe to use
  • Brush or spray
  • Solids - 58%
  • VOC - 415gms/litre
  • Spreading rate - 7.7sqm/ltr
  • Gloss - Matt
  • Thinners - Xylene

Ultrithane 21 - 2K Direct to Metal Topcoat

Ultrithane 21 is a high gloss, one coat polyurethane paint finish which can be applied directly to metal. It features acryl-polyurethane, high building enamel specially formulated for use with metals and alloys.

If you need a high performance paint with a high gloss finish which can withstand tough conditions, Ultrithane 21 is a great choice. This product is characterised by its high gloss retention, even when exposed to weathering.

Ultrithane 21 is recommended as an excellent top coat for metallic furniture finishing. It can also be used on chemical plants, window and door frames, agricultural equipment and many other articles.

This is a high solids compliant coating with excellent adhesion to all substrates including galvanised metal and aluminium.

Before applying on metal, surfaces should be clean, dry, degreased, without rust and/or calamine. When using on galvanised sheet, verify the perfect cleaning of the support and eliminate the white corrosion. If using on light alloys, ensure it is clean, dry and degreased.

As Ultrithane 21 is a finishing product, it doesn't have anti-corrosive properties. However, apply Ultrithane 21 over Ultriprime 3 or Ultriprime 2 for a high build, anti-corrosive finish.

Ultrithane 21 is available in an unlimited colour range. We can colour match to an existing sample, to ensure you receive exactly the colour paint you require. Contact us to find out more about this service.

A topcoat layer of Ultrithane 21 was then applied to provide a robust, glossy finish in period colours of Post Office Red and Gloss Black.


2k industrial Paint

Paintwork In Progress

A step by step guide to the restoration so far updated on a regular basis as new imagery comes in from the restorers.


matt industrial metal paint

Bespoke restored tank with black gloss Ultrithane 21 top and hand painted Post Office Red font work.

Ultrithane 21 gloss black crank case cover.


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