Sayerlack AT99 Wood Paint and Crosslinker Double Test - Real World Situation

sayerlack at99 wood paint


Real World Wood Paint Test

In this double test we decided to take a look at some real world tests using our very popular Sayerlack AT99 and Crosslinker products. Our thoughts were triggered by our friends @Freebirdinteriors of Sheffield who advised that a lot of their customers were asking how they should look after the recently painted cabinet, fitted wardrobe or kitchen they'd had installed. Freebird were themselves interested in results from using household goods like bleach, hand sanitiser, vinegar and more as well as a test of the crosslinker At99 against the standard AT99.

We had a think and came up with two tests below!


Real World Sayerlack Test 1 - AT99 vs AT99 with Crosslinker

In this first test we answered a question many joiners had posed to us....We love the Sayerlack AT99 product they all advised BUT is the crosslinker product worth buying ?

If you haven't had experience of Sayerlack AT99 before here's a brief recap before we show the test. AT99 is a water based 1-pack topcoat. It's very advanced drying quicker than the reputation of traditional water based paints is easy to use and being a 1 pack can easily be used on kitchen cabinets as it would give off heavy VOC's in the same way as 2-pack products.

AT99 works particularly well with AU474 primer which can easily and quickly be sanded back leaving a nice smooth surface for the AT99 topcoat. It doesn't take long to get to grips with how Sayerlack products work for joiners new to spraying and the ability to tint the product to any colour you need from RAL to BS or retail colours like Farrow & Ball mean this product has taken off in the last few years as a wood paint.

The crosslinker product was introduced to help the AT99 cure faster with the added bonus of a harder cure which makes it ideal for heavier traffic areas such as stairs or any situation where you want a more robust finish.


So What's The Big Deal About Crosslinker

Sounds ideal you say... so why the question on adding in crosslinker? Well the corsslinker product is relatively an expenive product and is purchased by the litre. You will be looking at around £160 per litre for the product and you don't require a lot in your mix so, is it worth buying a litre tub or will the standard AT99 mix be good enough for your jobs.

In our first test we answer this question directly by painting two identical pieces of wood one with AT99 and the other with AT99 & crosslinker. We then perform our own version of the industry standard FIRA GOLD test.

Check out what happened by watching our video of the test below;


Sayerlack AT99 vs Crosslinker -The Results

So from the results we can see that both AT99 and AT99 with crosslinker are very solid performing products and even against the brutal cross-hatch test both products performed admirably. It might be argued that the reduced damage the crosslinker product demonstrates, can make the extra expense worth it if you really need a major hard wearing product on your project. Both perform well and would easily pass the FIRA Gold standard test so it's definitley a personal choice decision if you go with just the AT99 or add in the crosslinker (1% mix ratio), just bear in mind it will take a while to use up the crosslinker at a 1% mix ratio so it will certainly last!


sayerlack at99 wood paint

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Real World Sayerlack Test 2 - AT99 Vs Household Chemicals

Thought we were done with AT99, no way! Our friends at Freebird Interiors mentioned that they would like a view of how AT99 copes with real world items and chemicals the product is going to face from end users, alcohol, beetroot, vinegar and cleaning products in daily use. We thought it was a good idea so we hopped onto the cameras and produced our second test video...but this time we brought in joiners nightmare...REED DIFFUSERS! We're not kidding we've had reports that the first thing people do on freshly cured paint is add a reed diffuser and if it drips onto the new suface, it can easily destroy curing paintwork.


We used the same painted AT99 wood panels from test 1 except this time we exposed the timber surfaces to some household favourite chemicals, bleach, hand sanitising alcohol, Beetroot, Milk, Coffee, Wine and Oil. We left the substances to work their way into the wood and then gave them a clean to see what kind of damage if any the chemicals caused on our cured wood.

Check out the video for test no 2;

Sayerlack AT99 Vs Household Goods Results

So, how did AT99 fair against our household goods found in most home cabinets? Well, pretty good actually, most of the cured surface provided adequate protection, with the harshest of substances now allowing us to recreate end user complaints of reed diffuser's being the king of the worst chemicals! However, it was also surprising how standard emulsion is actually quite hardy against chemicals too for such a basic paint.


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