Prestech Engineering Shotblast, Prime and Paint Hedge Cutter

Prestech Engineering Shotblast, Prime and Paint Hedge Cutter Author - Andy Potts August 25th 2020 (reading time 3 mins)


plant and machinery paint


Finished hedge cutter after blast, prime and paint by @Prestech Engineering

Long standing Ultrimax customer @Prestechengineering is a professional shotblaster by trade but also offers spray painting as an accompaniment to the finished blasted project.


In this recent hedge cutter machinery project there was evident rust and wear and tear on the machinery.


This was blasted:

paint for machinery


Before a prime layer of paint was added in Ultriprime:

ultriprime primer

A final topcoat layer was added by Prestech Engineering in Ultrimax 1 - Green.


agriculture paint



A fantastic result from rust to a new lease of life.

You can contact Prestech Engineering Services for details of their services below:

What'sApp: 07814658340
IG: @prestechengineering
FB: PrestechShotblasting


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