Perfect Fit uses Sayerlack for a pristine white finish.

(Sayerlack primer used for a pristine white finish) - Author - Andy Potts April 27th 2021 (reading time 1 mins)


sayerlack white primer

Ultrimax Customer, Perfect Fits the bespoke joinery company has been using our top brand Sayerlack Matt White Primer to re-finish this bespoke build media centre.

Perfect Fits have moved over to Sayerlack on the advice of Ultrimax due to it's quality sanding down, finish and ease of use.


Finished Results in Sayerlack

Check out some of the results here from Perfect Fits or check them out their other works at


sayerlack white primer


sayerlack white primer


sayerlack tz99


sayerlack water based primer


You can view our Sayerlack range of products below as used by Perfect Fits:

Sayerlack AU474 White Primer for Furniture

sayerlack white primer

Sayerlack AT99 Topcoat

sayerlack AT99




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