Painting External Metal Cladding Panels and the Best Products to Use

Painting External Metal Cladding Panels and the Best Products to Use) - Author - Andy Potts November 5th 2020 (reading time 3 mins)


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(Painting an industrial building - that has metal cladding installed )


Metal cladding panels are a popular choice of finishing material for commercial buildings. When painted with a suitable product, they provide a highly durable and protective finish for the structure beneath it.

This guide explains:

  • Reasons to paint metal cladding
  • The role of elasticiser in cladding paint
  • How to paint external metal cladding panels
  • Which products to use

3 reasons to paint metal cladding

  1. Protection - Painting external cladding with a coating that resists corrosion, water and UV rays can extend its lifespan by up to ten years.
  2. Cost-effectiveness - The expense of painting is far less than the cost of renewing or repairing cladding that has not been protected. Routine maintenance painting every ten years will save your business money and disruption.
  3. Customisation

Metal cladding paints such as RUST-OLEUM Mathys Metal Cladding Topcoatcan be tinted to most BS & RAL colours, allowing you to work to any colour specification.

Elasticiser - the secret to a long-lasting finish

In most locations, external metal cladding will be exposed to direct sunlight over a long period during the warmer months of each year. As metal expands in response to heat, its coating is subjected to the stress of regularly swelling and shrinking, which can cause the product to crack and split. To avoid this situation, paint metal cladding with a product that contains an elasticiser which will allow the paint to stretch, expand and flex up to 200% and also return to its normal state without failing.

View Youtube training video 'How Does Temperature Affect Paint Finish'


How to paint external metal cladding panels

1. Prep and prime

Remove any dirt, rust, grease or other contaminants from the cladding and apply a high-tech, quick-drying primer such as RUST-OLEUM Mathys Primer. This step will prevent further oxidation of weathered cladding and protect new bare cladding from corrosion.

2. Protective finish

Once the primer has had time to dry, apply a high-quality protective topcoat that is designed for exterior metal cladding.



2 of the best metal cladding paint brands



RUST-OLEUM has been developing anti-corrosion paint technologies and manufacturing coatings since 1939. Now a global brand, it continues to grow its reputation as the creator of innovative products for every challenge in industrial and residential settings.

RUST-OLEUM Mathys Noxyde


ROST-OLEUM manufactures a range of high-performance metal cladding paints, but Noxyde's formula tops anything else on the market.

Product benefits:

  • Corrosion and water-resistant - 10-year warranty, even in the harshest of environments.
  • 200% elasticity - protects cladding even with extreme and prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Dry-fall formula - ideal for external paint jobs where overspray can travel and land on nearby vehicles and windows, etc. Dry-fall drops straight to the ground on contact with the atmosphere, and if it does land on something it shouldn't, it can be dry-wiped off without causing damage.
  • Self-priming - for minimal surface preparation, fast application and cost-efficiency.
  • Water-based - allows easy brush or spray application that is cheaper and less complex than polyurethane systems.

Ultrimax Coatings

Over 46 years of experience has developed Ultrimax into the dynamic family-run brand that it is today. Yorkshire-born and bred Ultrimax began 46 years ago in Donald Hoare's home garage, where he sold cellulose paint and panels to the automotive repairs industry. In 2006, Ultrimax added manufacturing to its portfolio and launched its first range of paint products under the brand name Ultrimax Coatings. Today, Ultrimax provides total paint shop support services to its customers and is a UK-leader in anti-corrosive and direct-to-metal industrial paints.

Ultrimax SGXmetal cladding paint

SGX is a semi-gloss coating that doesn't contain elasticiser, making it a cost-effective option for painting plastisol cladding on structures that are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Product benefits:

  • Corrosion-resistant - provides long-lasting protection from oxidisation.
  • High-build coating - easy to apply, no sagging and provides a thick barrier to protect the substrate beneath from harsh weather conditions.
  • Direct-to-metal paint - a one-coat formula for reduced labour and product costs.
  • Quick-dry formula - hard dry within two hours.

Both Noxyde and SGX are available in an extensive range of colours, and SGX can be colour matched to an existing sample.

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