New Peelable Wall Coating Designed For Your Washroom!

That feeling when sat on the toilet and there isn't any toilet roll!!! We have all been there, that is why after millions of pounds spent and years of research, Ultrimax Coatings have come up with a one of a kind peelable coating, similar to the peelable coating used in spray booths but specially designed for use in toilets and bathrooms. This can be used in a number of ways but our clients have told us that by far the best use of it is using the coating as an alternative to toilet roll. Specially designed to peel off in perfect sturdy strips for ease of use and comfort.

We have now come up with the Plan B!

To keep it looking fresh, we recommend re coating it every 6 to 12 months to keep it looking fresh. This product can also be heavily personalised. Because it is made to order, any scent can be added to the product and it can be tinted to any of the popular Farrow & Ball or Little Greene colours.

Starting at œ78.99 per 5 Litres, it is perfect for any luxury bathroom or toilet that needs something slightly different to normal. Even though it is relatively high priced, you will see a return on your investment in around 3 to 4 weeks, and that doesn't take into account the recent increases in the price of toilet paper. Overall the investment is fantastic. It takes around one afternoon to complete an average size washroom and you will never have to shout across the house for a new toilet roll. Problem Solved.

Available in 3 different varieties, Classic, Supreme, and Gentle. Classic is our standard peelable wall coating with great comfort and well priced at œ78.99 for a 5 litre tub. Supreme is the next level when it comes to comfort, with 3 embedded layers it is softer and smoother than any other know toilet roll on the market. The Gentle product is designed for sensitive skin. It doesn't have any solvents in so it doesn't cause any allergic reaction on the clients skin.

What about the environment? Well this peelable toilet paper is fully biodegradable and it has been manufactured in the most environmentally sustainable way.

Peelable Washroom Coating Being Applied

For a free sample or quote, email our product specialist Uvbin Had or our sales specialist Tom Crapper

Hurry because the offer ends at 12pm today!

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