Monster BBQ Fabrication Sizzles With Ultrimax Paint


Fire Resistant Paint With a Gloss Top

Rob at RCH Engineering Barnsley has been a customer of Ultrimax since 2020. When he came to us looking for fire resistant paint and a 1 pack direct to metal paint we had to ask why.🤷‍♂️

(Rob of RCH Keen cyclist and fabrication glass wearer! image courtesty of RCH Instagram)

heat resistant paint 1 pack

The result was the need to construct a MEGA BBQ a project that would push Rob's fabrication skills to the limit as this concept build would be new to him also . A client asked Rob to construct a garden chill out area with fitted BBQ and the capacity to feed the whole family.

After setting to work in the RCH workshop ( see RCH's Instagram) Rob quickly realised the BBQ would require a heat resistant finish and secondly a higher gloss coat to give the final presentation a premium finish.


Ultrimax Helps With Heat Resistant Paint

After speaking to Ultrimax, Rob directed to a few paint options that met specification and colour choices. In the short term a solution could was chosen as Ultritemp in Black as a heat resistant coating and  Ultrimax 1 1K in both Gloss Jet Black and Post office Red for the legs and ornamental parts.

Ultritemp is a superb heat resistant undercoating capable of protection up to 450oc approximately 100-150oc higher than the average BBQ will reach at maxium operation. (**it's worth noting over time all steel objects subjected to heat will rust regardless of coating system). Ultrimax 1 is Ultrimax's premium 1K metal paint with a near full gloss finish.


Post Office Red & Jet Black

After applying the Ultritemp, RCH then supplemented this by adding coats of 1 Pack Paint in Ultrimax 1 - Jet Black RAL 9005 for the legs and base and Post Office Red BS 538 for the ornamental sections. After many hours of fabrication and heat resistant painting, the finished result is one colosall BBQ and a very happy customer. The final design even included a family name plate to commemorate the BBQ opening ceremony.

(Finished BBQ in situ with the client - image courtesy of RCH - Instagram)

heat resistant paint

Take a look at the mid fabrication pictures below. If you would like to provide Rob at RCH commission work check out his website at RCHEngineering.

heat resistant paint in a 1 pack

Ultritemp - Black Primer Paint


Stage 1 Fabrication - Pre Paint Stage

heat resistant paint in a 1 pack


Stage 2 - RCH using free ultrimax gummy bears to open a tin of Ultrimax 1

heat resistant paint in a 1 pack


Stage 3 - BBQ Legs coated in RAL 9005 Ultrimax 1

heat resistant paint in a 1 pack


Stage 4 - Ultrimax 1 Post Office Red First Coat

heat resistant paint in a ultrimax 1 post office red


Stage 5 - Finished BBQ with name plate

heat resistant paint finished with name plate

heat resistant paint finished with name plate


Products used

ultrimax 1  paint


ultrimax 1  paint


ultriprime paint


Ultrimax 1 - RAL 9005 Black Ultrimax 1 - Post Office Red Ultriprime - Black


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