Metal Painted Butterfly's Cause a Flap at Sandringham

Fransham Forge Completes Metal Painted Butterlfies

butterfly meadow at sandringham

In June '22 Fransham Forge completed a very special project. The Sandringham Estate who Fransham has worked with for many years asked Nigel of Fransham Forge to complete a very unusual project - the creation of 2500 metal butterflies to decorate the estate gardens, as part of the Norfolk Hospice Project. The Norfolk Hospice Project focused on joining with the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations through August and September '22.

The idea being to celebrate the people close to you and ondate £25 towards the hospice in support. At the end of the celebration period the Hospice would then send a metal painted butterfly to each doner allowing them to place a butterfly in their own homes or gardens.


A Superb Idea Painted In Ultrimax 1

Nigel Barnett of Fransham Forge advised us that the project had already raised £70k and Ultrimax were keen to bring our paint to the fore on such a wonderful project.

Check out Nigel's video below of the whole process from start to finish including the metal painting in both Ultrimax 1 Blue 5012 and Ultrimax Gloss Black, both 1 Pack paints, ready to go out of the tin.


The Making of a Forge Butterfly

To create each butterfly Nigel of Fransham Forge followed a careful metal working and stamping process for each and every one of the 2500 butterflies. First the butterfly moulds were CNC cut from large sheets to create the individual butterfly wings, the butterfly is then heated to glowing red temperatures and stamped with a metal press called 'Sir Yvain'.

Sir Yvain stamps into each butterfly a wing motif ready for the next stage which is a further press process to give the butterfly cast a natural inverted 'flying' shape.

From here the butterflies are sent to the shotblaster for a clean down and descaling of anything that might cause a rough surface prior to paint preparation. After a quick dip in zinc primer to prevent corrosion the 2500 butterflies are dried in batches then moved over to paint preparation where an initial coat of Ultrimax Eggshell Black is layered onto each butterfly face and back. The standing pole are added to the butterflies and after welding these are dipped into Ultrimax Eggshell black to provide a nice finish.

After drying the whole batch moved onto topcoat painting and a beautiful RAL 5012 Blue was selected in Ultrimax Gloss and applied by feathering the surface with a spray gun to create a natural butterfly wing effect. A second coat applied and then after some further drying the whole batch of 2500 buterflies were bubblewrapped and shipped off to the Sandringham Estate ready for the Norfolk Hospice volunteers to unpack and place into the flower beds of the main garden.


Fancy Your Own Butterfly? - Get Involved and Donate

If you'd like to own one of Nigel's butterflies why not get involved and donate to the Norfolk Hoispice here - Donate now. The suggested donation is £25 and once the display is over at the end of September one of these beautiful butterflies will be winging its way to your garden!


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