Massey Ferguson Refurb with Ultrithane 31

One of our valued customers, Belmont Shot Blasting, managed to refurb an extremely old, rusty tractor into a fantastic looking collectable!

This was completed using our tried and tested 2K Polyurethane paint, Ultrithane 31. This was matched to the old Massey Ferguson red to replicate the original paint job and give it heaps of authenticity!

Ultrithane 31 - 2K Polyurethane Direct to Metal

This product is highly durable and its acrylic polyurethane properties provide the right film thickness, making it the ideal choice for painting agricultural machinery like this old Massey Ferguson tractor. With a smooth finish and lasting shine, this product makes any apparatus look brand new for longer. It promotes excellent adhesion on metal, stainless steel, aluminium and several other materials. When applied onto a surface free from dust, oil and other contaminates, the coating is more effective and visibly slick. This gives an old tractor like the above a new lease of life.

It is available in any RAL, British Standard, or Plant colours to match any paint work that either needs re doing, patching up, or starting from scratch.

Why Use Ultrithane 31?

Environmentally-friendly and isocyanate free, Ultrithane 31 a safe and reliable product. Many commercial primers contain strong chemicals and weak adhesion properties, causing the coating to wear over time. However, this product's compounds use high solids and fewer solvents, making it a more sustainable consumable. In addition to having high resistance to chemical and mechanical stress, the paint also endures tough atmospheric conditions.

Protection from aggressive environments is crucial and one coating of the paint does just that. Exposure to air or dust particles as well as toxic chemicals can lower the quality and function of a product like the above tractor. However this product reduces damage, adds aesthetic value and is guaranteed to last, giving you a good as new product.

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