Line Marking Paint: The Best Way To Mark Social Distancing Zones

Line Marking Paint: The Best Way To Mark Social Distancing Zones. Author - Andy Potts June 8th 2020 (reading time 3 mins)

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On 11 May 2020, the Government published its Working Safely During Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for employers in the UK. The document highlights that where possible, employers should use floor tape or paint to mark areas to help people keep two metres (six feet) apart. In this article, we explore why line marking is important and why line marking paint provides a better solution than adhesive-based alternatives.

Why Is It Necessary To Line Mark Social Distancing Zones?

Humans are visual learners

Studies show that humans find visual forms of communication easier to understand and remember than written forms. Line marking, therefore, plays a crucial role in helping employers to enforce social distancing rules in the workplace, and in helping people to comply. It provides visual guidance that is easy to spot and to follow. In a pandemic that is alien to our society, people can be fearful and unsure of how to act. Marking social distancing zones and routes enables staff, customers, visitors and the public to adhere to the rules with confidence when in your workplace. Use coloured adhesive tape or line paint to delineate aisles and walkways and to define where it is safe to stand in a queue such as a checkout line or clock-in area.


It supports signage

line marking signage

In its guidance for employers, the Government specifies that where possible, employers should put up signs to remind workers and visitors of social distancing practices. Visual aids such as line markings provide clear cues that support any social distancing signage you display around the workplace. This is particularly important in environments such as warehouses and distribution centres, where signage can be difficult to spot amongst other mandatory health and safety signs.  


It's safer and more practical than hazard tape barriers

hazard tape barrier

Floor markers are safer than using physical tape barriers. You can't knock them over or move them accidentally, and they don't interfere with tasks like driving forklifts and manoeuvring cage trollies.

Why line marking paint is preferable to adhesive floor tape and stickers

Aerosol line marking paint has several advantages over adhesive hazard tapes and floor stickers:

  • Safety -adhesive signs and line markers can peel and become a slip and trip hazard.
  • Durability -paint can withstand foot traffic and vehicular traffic. In contrast, tape and stickers are more likely to peel up or wear away.
  • No residue -floor stickers and tape leave a glue residue which makes floors hard to keep clean and germ-free.
  • Ease of use -an aerosol line paint with a spray gun tip is quick and straightforward to apply. Use a line marking machine to ensure straight lines and easy mark-out.

The importance of colour

line marking and colour

Colour psychology plays an essential role in the success of health and safety signs and signals. Research shows that humans attach meaning to colour, with every colour evoking different behaviour and mood responses. This is why red, blue, yellow and green are used repeatedly in health and safety - their meaning is instantly recognisable on a subconscious and universal level.

Colour in health and safety

  • Red - signifies danger and demands attention and action. We use it exclusively for emergency signals and hazard behaviour.
  • Blue -associated with strength, trustworthiness and wisdom. It is considered to be a neutral colour that is powerful without being demand For this reason, we use it for instructional signage that displays mandatory information.
  • Yellow - is highly visible. The human eye notices yellow before other colours, so it draws attention and is hard to miss. We use it in hazard warnings and road signs for this reason.
  • Green - associated with nature, freedom and liberty. We use it to signal emergency exits (liberty and freedom) and the location of first aid kits and equipment (healing).

Social distancing colours

Social distancing is a requirement, and line marking is an instruction. This makes blue the most suitable colour for marking social distancing routes. Yellow may be a more appropriate colour for marking where people should stand in queues as it is the colour that people are least likely to miss.

Both line tapes and line paints are available in a wide range of high visibility colours, including blue, yellow, red and green.


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