Jotun Paints Jotamastic 90 - Product Overview and Training (Video)

Difference between Jotun Paints Jotamastic 90 and Jotun Jotamastic 87

Jotun Jotamastic 90 has superseded Jotun Jotamastic 87. It is the same product, however the new Jotamastic 90 is a tintable version so it is available in many different colours compared ot the original 87.

This makes the Jotamastic 90 much more versatile because if you want to reduce costs or reduce the time it takes to paint a product, there isn't any need for a topcoat to be used so the painting can be done with only a single coat of Jotamastic 90. With Jotamastic 87, it would have had to have a topcoat if you wanted a specific colour.


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Jotun Jotamastic 90's Surface Tolerance

It is one of the best primers on the market because it is surface tolerant which means that it can be applied onto any surface with very minimal preparation.

Normally, to get the longest life out of the paint product we would recommend shot blasting the steel before painting. however, with this product, it has got such good adhesion that it can go straight onto an unprepared surface.

Some surfaces can be very difficult to blast so this product is the answer to that problem. It is often used in harsh environments including marine, so any surface that will be facing the elements, we recommend using this product to get maximum life.

You can leave Jotun Jotamastic 90 as a finished coat, but if you are wanting a specific colour or gloss, we recommend using hardtop AX or XP.

More Features & Benefits

  • Tintable - available in most colours
  • Jotun Paints Jotamastic 90 has very good surface tolerance
  • Fast curing
  • Has a wide DFT range - allows for easier application
  • Durable in harsh environments

Technical Information

  • Solids - 80%
  • VOC - 170gms/litre
  • Spreading rate - 6.4sqm/ltr
  • Gloss - Semi-gloss
  • Thinners - No.17


to completed wood paint



to completed wood paint

Jotun Paints Jotamastic 90 - Product Overview And Training (Video) 2

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