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How to Choose the Right 3M Tape Author - Andy Potts May 28th 2020 (reading time 2mins)  

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How to Choose the Right 3M Masking Tape for Refinishing

When you use the right masking tape for the job, you can confidently mask off areas of a panel to keep them clean and achieve an exceptional finish. Choose the wrong type of tape, and the results can be disastrous.

3M is a well-known and popular brand in the refinish industry, but their range of speciality adhesive tapes is vast, and knowing which to use for your project can be confusing. To help you make the right choice, here's a guide to three types of 3M masking tape that are suited to a wide range of refinishing processes. Use them in your garage, professional paint shop or for DIY projects at home.

  1. Scotch© High-Performance Masking Tape 3434 

This blue crepe tape is easy to identify and performs in even the most demanding situations, including in temperatures of up to 110øC. Whether you're working on a total re-spray or a simple touch-up, it delivers fast yet economical results.


  • Water and solvent resistance - keep your paintwork protected when working with water-based or two-pack products.
  • Superior hold - even in high temperatures, and can withstand repeat bake cycles.
  • Easy removal - does not peel or leave an adhesive
  • High-quality finish - sharp, clean paint edges, without bleed-through.
  • Excellent edge tear - for clean and fast application.
  • Conformability - has the flexibility to adhere to vehicle contours.
  1. Scotch© Premium Refinish Masking Tape 3030 

This premium 3M tape features cross-linked rubber/resin adhesive that makes it resistant to water-based paint systems. 3030 is suited to a wide variety of paint shop applications, and its green colour makes it easily identifiable in the workshop. Although not as heat resistant as Scotch© High-Performance Masking Tape 3434, it still performs well in temperatures of up to 100øC.


  • High water resistance - protects paintwork from water-based coatings without losing adhesion.
  • Excellent hold - sticks with ease, will not lift or curl and can withstand high temperatures.
    • Clean removal - does not peel or leave an adhesive residue, even with exposure to moisture or ultraviolet light.
    • Superior finish - Achieve sharp paint lines with minimal build-up and no bleed-through.
    • Flexible for conformability - designed to adhere to uneven and contoured surfaces.
    1. 3M Scotch© Masking Tape 2328

    2328 is a great choice for refinishing applications that don't require high water, solvent or temperature resistance. It's available in all popular widths from 18mm to 72mm.

    Watch Our Short Video on 3M Tape


    • Excellent adhesion - offering a secure grip and zero bleed-through.
    • Conformable - will stick to uneven and curved panels.
    • Easy removal - for clean edge definition.
    • Professional finish - delivers sharp edge definition.
    • Good edge tear - for fast hand application and tidy joints.

    Looking for a cheaper high-performance alternativeto 3M masking tape?

    Try the Ultrimax Promask. It has all the performance features of 3M Scotch© Masking Tape 2328, plus high water and solvent resistance, but without the price tag.


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