How to choose the best metal cladding paint for a project

How to choose the best metal cladding paint for a project

Steel cladding is seeing an upswing as constructors choose this method of construction for speed, simplicity and flexibility. When it comes to choosing the paint for your new building you need to look below the topcoat and at the nature of your building, it's location and it's surroundings. The best metal cladding paint for your building, needs to be simple to apply. Ultrimax stock the Rust-Oleum range which are suitbale for spray painting, brushing or rollering steel cladding. Brush applications are much slower and almost impossible to complete successfully as inevitably small areas that are not visible, such as lips and seams will escape the attention of the primer.  Rainwater ingress into these tiny compartments will eventually cause corrosion, which makes it difficult to repair as the oxidised metal is hidden from view.  A suitable cladding paint primer, applied by spryaing will reach parts of the structure that a crush cannot.  Primer should also be quick dryingand applied directly to the metal.  If oxidisation has already occurred, choose a suitable water-based primer.  This will prevent further oxidsation and prolong the life of the finish by up to ten years.  Water-based primers ca be applied to galvanised steel, zinc and aluminium cladding.

When it comes to painting metal cladding, there are a number of options, but we highly recommend opting for a specialist product that is designed for applcation to metal cladding, instead of a standard metal paint.

Rust-Oleum Noxyde is a water-based anti-rust paint that is specially designed for industrial metal, such as cladding. Offering the highest level of protection with a class C5-M, Noxyde is the go to paint for steel roofing and cladding, especially that suffers from corrosion. This is because weathering the metal. This results in Noxyde having 15 years in the highest corrosion class C5-M, according to ISO 12944.

This durability is also aided by the 200% elastic coating that Noxyde offers that will not crack or peel. This is because metal expands and contracts with changes in temperatures. If a flexible coating is not used, it will stretch and split under the stress of the movement.


Deciding on the finish for your cladding structure may mean a choice of one paint colour or many. Ultrimax high volume and wide reach warehousing means that your paint colour choice can be delivered next day. This results in cost savings in terms of hours spent on the project and also allows for greater flexiblity. The colour that the public associate with a brand is a discreet yet powerful motivator, often guiding customers towards a destination without visible signage.

Colour is an attribute that is too powerful to not be included in your building design and Ultrimax are able to mix paint to your colour specification based on a sample. the location of your building and it's impact on it surrounding are important factors to consider when chooseing the right paint for your metal cladding. Subtle gradients of colour chosen to blend in with the sky or the location can lessen the visual footprint of a building particularly in areas where the strucutre may stand out visually otherwise Ultrimax paint is manufactured ina wide range of highly durable colours with excellent UV stability perfect for weather facing sides or roof.


If parts of your structure are already painted, you may be deciding if a complete refinish or partial refurbishment is the best option. Ultrimax has the solution for each of these options:

  • Noxyde, a high-quality one coat for rapid, anti-corrosive pretection and Metal Cladding Topcoat for cladding refurbishments.

Both of these options have excellent waterproofing characteristics, colour stability and durability.

Your choice of paint for your steel cladding building is important, as a professionally applied paint finish could last 10 years. Because your paintwork is going to last, your finish will need to have high elasticity. Zinc can expand one inch in every 30 feet of roof panel when exposed to high temperatures. Steel and aluminium will also shrink and expand, although to a lesser degree.  For this reason, Rustoleum cladding paints are manufactured to resist shrinkage and allow for expansion.  An important factor to consider when choosing your paint.


Metal cladding is prone to airborne contaminants from any source. If your building is adjacent to a car park or busy roas, pollution from airborne chemicals produced by exhaust gases can be a major hazard to your steel cladding finish. Rustoleum cladding paints are manufactured to be able to resist tarnish and damage from aurborne chemicals, rain and salt water. your investment in paint will be visible for may uears.  Metal cladding paint needs to be easy to apply, prevent oxidisation, durable and elastic, resist UV fading and damage from airborne chemicals.  It also needs to look exceptional.

Choose the best metal cladding paint from Ultrimax and your investment will be safeguarded for many years to come.

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