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When Ultrimax Sales Director Bruce Hoare needed to revamp his family kitchen it seemed initially that a full rip out and new kitchen would be in order. It wasn't long though before an idea formed ...why rip out a high quality kitchen when you can change the colour of it instead for far less outlay financially?

After a number of months of preparation the kitchen was remodelled and modernised before it was time to prepare the exisiting cabinets for paint.


How is a Kitchen Repainted?

Repainting an exisiting kitchen is a relatively simple process. Anything that isn't being painted needs to be masked off and protected with sheeting and masking tape in exactly the same way that a car due a respray would be masked and protected.

The next stage is to then consider the type of paint as this can affect ventilation and paint drying times. If you go waterbased such as the Sayerlack range you could incorporate a system such as 2 Pack Water based Primer in AU474 and follow it up with a couple of coats of 1 Pack AT99 topcoat.


Acid Catalysed Makeover

In Bruce's kitchen makeover he made the choice to go with Ultrimax's own brand Acid Catalysed wood paint. This joinery paint type has been around for a long time and isn't quite classifed as a 2 pack but does require a catalyst to mix correctly which provides the paint with the correct chemicals to cure.

Acid cat products are traditionally the next level up in wood paints from pre cat which could be regarded as an entry level product. Acid cat has the advantage of setting extremely hard, but a precaution needs to be noted, acid catalysed products give off formaldehyde in use. Formadlehyde is an extremely toxic substance to humans and the respiratory system to use with caution. Ventilation is therefore key and when spraying, a mask with special formaldehyde filters (as per below) must be worn to filter out gases.


formaldehyde filters

3M Formaldehyde side cartridge filters>



In this project the Farrow & Ball Colour Elephant's Breath was chosen - Ultrimax can mix any RAL, British Standard or Retail colour such as Farrow & Ball. Little Green, Zoffany or Dulux same day when ordered before 2pm.

see the amazing transformation of before and after pictures in Bruce's project using an acid catalysed product.

before acid catalysed 1 before acid catalysed 2

Before Acid Catalysed Painting

after acid catalysed 2 after acid catalysed 2 after acid catalysed 2

After Acid Catalysed Painting in Farrow & Ball Elephants Breath

Still Confused About Acid Catalysed Products?

If you're still unsure whether acid-catalysed products are for you when spraying joinery try our video below. This covers the major paint groups when professionally spraying wood and how each option has advantages and disadvantages. If you feel you need any further information please use the form on this page and we'll come back to you within 59minutes.



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Read the Full Article on Acid Catalysed Products

We also have a full article advising the pros and cons of using each joinery paint type - check out the full article here Best Professional Kitchen Cabinet Paint For A Respray With Colour Change.


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