Grey Anthracite UPVC Spray Paint Rejuvenates Property


Property Renovation Complete With PVC Paint Switch to RAL 7016

PVC paint in RAL 7016

Robert from New Forest Colour Coatings has completed a recent project completely transforming a bungalow and attached swedish style outbuilding at a property near Southampton, Hampshire.

The property had started to look tired and a little jaded and the white UPVC windows and doors was detracting form the properties overall kerb appeal. Secondly the property boasted a recent swedish style, office out building in the garden which needed colour co-ordinating with the main property to complete the look.


Ultrimax UPVC Pro 1K Paint

As a professional painter, Robert was already well aware of the different paint types, brands and finishes each could create for him. What he needed however was a 1K PVC paint that could be used in residential areas without the risk of causing any health risks, overspray and VOC issues that may be associated with a 2K paint.

Ultrimax offered to Robert the UPVC PRO product, not only can it be sprayed without hardener and has very little environmental impact, importantly the product is still available in any colour required be it RAL, B.S or Retail colour.

On this occasion Robert needed RAL 7016 across the entire property spray out, after use was so pleased he sent Ultrimax Managing Director, Giles Hoare this glowing testimonial,

" Hi Giles,

Robbie here from New Forest Colour Coatings. As promised here are a few pics of before/after works using your UPVC coating. Great product and good value for money. Sprays great with 1.3mm set, wets out really well and a great finish. I always put a light dust / tack coat on before doing a couple of medium coats as I find it adheres better . I will also send you a couple of videos. All in all very impressed and will be using your product from now onwards.



Immediate Impact of PVC Spray Change

The immediate result a swap from brilliant white UPVC to RAL 7016 Grey PVC is evident via these pictures showing the before and after shots taken by New Forest.


Main Bungalow PVC Front Elevations

PVC paint in RAL 7016PVC paint in RAL 7016



Main Front Door Spray Change To Blue

PVC paint in RAL 7016


UPVC Pro 1K Paint in Action - Front Door


Swedish Chalet Office Given Full PVC Colour Upgrade

PVC paint in RAL 7016 PVC paint in RAL 7016


Quaint Cottage to Contemporary Home with Grey RAL 7016

PVC paint in RAL 7016 PVC paint in RAL 7016


How To Mask Up PVC Windows and Spray In Anthracite Grey RAL 7016

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ultriprime paint


Ultrimax UPVC PRO - RAL 7016 Ultrimax Painters Nitrile Gloves Ultrimax - Overalls


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