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Paint problems and pdf download guide - by Andy Potts. First edition 21st August 2017. Edited 13th July 2020. As Ultrimax are established manufacturers of premium industrial coatings, our field consultants are regularly required to assist and to have a 'hands-on' approach in the paint shop environment. Over the years this valuable experience has helped us to accumulate a library of typical problems & solutions that arise from time to time, so we've collated this 'easy-to-follow' interactive guide to help you quickly isolate any defect, so production throughput is little affected and re-work is kept to a minimum.

Download: Ultrimax Paint Problem Solving Guide

Youtube Training For Paint Problems

Air Entrapment Craters when Painting

Paint Blistering. Why it can happen & How to prevent it

How to Prevent Paint Chalking

How to Fix Peeling Paint *Delamination

How to Remove Bird Droppings, Tar, Acid Rain and Other Chemical Staining From Paint Finishes

Why Does Paint Lose its GLOSS SHINE * Oxidation Explained

Touch Up Paint Chipping And Stone Chips On Metal Painted Surfaces

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