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You may have heard of our online portal and the benefits it can provide as a first-class account management system. With new features to make ordering even easier, it's definitely worth a try. 

Ordering on our online portal minimises the risk of human error and miscommunication. It offers you a quick, convenient, 24/7 way to place orders, reducing unnecessary calls, emails or delays waiting for responses.

Check out this testimonial from one of our web customers, Ben Wayman from XL Joinery:

Our dedicated online portal allows for ease of ordering, displaying your bespoke customer pricing, order history and favourites - ultimately saving you time in the buying process. Just send us a message via our online chat to receive a response from one of our specialists within 5 minutes, Monday - Friday (7.30am - 4.00pm).

We've also developed an exciting new feature in response to our customers feedback. Build your basket and save it until you're ready to order. Or, Let your colleagues add products to the basket - you simply authorise it by entering the order number. Whichever suits you best, the 'save for later' function it's simple and easy to use.

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