Case Study - Wright Brothers Engineering - Re-Organise Paint Shop

Wright Engineering have been at the forefront of cutting edge Engineering Design, Fabrication and Installation solutions for over 30 years. Based at our headquarters in North Nottinghamshire, Wright Engineering work around the world on complex design and engineering projects. Our philosophy of commitment to excellence and a continuing investment in the latest technologies ensure we remain a leader within our industry.

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Wright Brothers Engineering had a very busy paint shop with very little organisation. When the painter needed to collect an item, he had to drop tools and travel all the way to Chesterfield to their supplier. Plus, they had a separate supplier for paint shop consumables, meaning more PO's, paperwork and hassle, leading to less time for painting.


Ultrimax offered free next day delivery creating less downtime and more time 'on the job'. We also supplied them with a consignment cupboard with all their consumables that they use on a daily basis right at hand. To make it even easier for them, we offered fortnightly stock checks to make sure that they never ran out of the crucial paint shop supplies.

ultrimax spray booth filters

Ultrimax Overalls in action with breathable back

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Ultrimax consolidated Wright Brother's paint shop supply chain, meaning the painter was free to focus on his area of expertise - painting. A partnership with Ultrimax has meant their paint shop is now running efficiently and with a higher production turnover.

Products that they use:

Ultriprime Primer Paint

Ultrimax Gloss

Booth Filters


Ultrimax Velcro Sanding Discs


When did you last review your paint shop processes?

Is your spray area compliant to the latest health & safety standards?

Do you have a sound plan for achieving your production targets?


Contact Ultrimax and arrange a site visit to discuss your requirements further.


ultrimax spray booth filters

Download the full case study here.

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 paint and thinner  spray equipment and spray guns  tools and equipment

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