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Ultima Kitchens trusts Ultrimax to run Just in Time Stock Levels for wood paint- by Andy Potts 1st May 2020. 4-5 mins reading time.


Case Study - Company: Ultima Furniture Systems Location: Pontefract Ultrimax - Ultrimax Representatives: Giles Hoare / Chris Hoare


Ultima Kitchens Trusts Ultrimax To Join The Kitchen Soul With Wood Paint

to completed wood paint

Alf & Clare Ellis built Ultima kitchens from a single garage into the behemoth it now is.

"Kitchens are our passion and manufacturing is our soul."

Ultima Kitchens / Ultima Furniture


High Growth Generates Cash but also Production Issues

Alf and Clare had expanded the business rapidly and when they visited Ultrimax and it had already become a successful Juggernaut in the kitchen manufacturer world.

It was however suffering in production, expansion at such a fast rate and scale had left gaps in the production line for materials and supplies shortages.


Ultima Kitchens Challenge to Ultrimax

Ultima approached us through our website livechat option asking if we offered credit accounts and they were interested in a few consumable items.

The Livechat in summary went a little like...


Stocks, Stocks and More Stocks but not a Masking Tape to be Seen at Ultima Kitchens!

A meeting was arranged with them and they asked us to quote on a few popular items. They were going to multiple suppliers and as they were so busy, they didn't have time to monitor the stocks and check pricing.

to completed wood paint


The Ultrimax Solution

Following the initial quotation, which was successful, Ultima kitchens invited us to the factory floor to meet with the supervisors. This visit was very worthwhile, because once we soon found that many of the items used in the paint shop we could supply on one delivery, one invoice, and by combining spend, could save money.

At Ultrimax Coatings we call this our TPS4 system (Total Paint Shop 4 Dimensions) of Paint, Consumables, Spray Equipment and Training.

View the video below to get a full view of TPS4.

We also ensured that the correct PPE was in place including the right dust masks, spray masks and cut resistant gloves.

To start with the ordering was done by the supervisors but following a meeting with the management, we have now offered our own stock control.


Production Team Leader - Ultima Kitchens

All the shelves are now labelled with the correct part numbers on.

Once a week one of our representatives visit the site and performs a stock check. An agreed stock level is in place and the replenishment order is placed. A copy goes to purchasing for sign off and the goods are delivered to site the following day.


Result for Ultima Furniture

The result has been a structured re-ordering system to ensure that Ultima never run out of stock. It also puts in control measures which is very easy to manage, track and oversee from purchasing.

The goods are now stored neatly in the correct shelves with a part number below and the stock levels are now right and they are experiencing a saving every month.

By using the Ultrimax Stock Management Ultima Kitchen Manufacturers are back on track for a production line that works as fast or as slow as they need it to. Ultrimax Stock Management solutions are bespoke to your needs and output however a very simply solution we offer is the stock cupboard stand alone and barcode re-order system.

  1. Stock Cupboard Management System Standalone.

For this simple system we provide you with a black Ultrimax stock cupboard (or number of) and send you stock that is bespoke to your needs to fill the cabinet. When it runs low on a product simply check the product id on the cupboard door and re-order from us at your convenience.

Check out the Stock cupboard example here

2. Auto-Update Barcode Stock Management System

Option 2 involves the same stock cupboards as option 1, however with system 2 we provide you with a barcode scanner. When you need to re-order products scan the product barcode and it will auto-update a live re-order form on your Ultrimax website login. Simple, Quick and Easy to use.

If you have floor staff building the order but want to check the order before it sends to Ultrimax we can place order limits or approval processes into the login to ensure everything is checked twice before re-order.

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Ultima Kitchens Stock Management Selection

Products that they use in stock management:

Painters Black Nitrile Gloves - view

Gramos Tak Kill Denaturant - view

Touch-up Pots - view

Colad Mixing Cup - view


Sia Double Sided Soft Sanding Pads -view

Yellow, Orange and Pink Tag Layered Paper Booth Filter -view

Mirka Goldflex -view

Ultrimax Overalls - view


Download the Ultima Kitchens .pdf Case Study

to completed wood paint

Download the Ultima Furniture and Kitchens case study as a pdf


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