Case Study - Select Plant Hire

One of the UK's largest suppliers of heavy equipment and services to the construction industry, Select Plant Hire approached us with their ongoing paint headache.
"When a customer is using a substantial amount of industrial coatings - daily, reducing their solvent emission is of prime importance to them."  Bruce Hoare, Ultrimax Coatings Sales Manager
Challenge: Like most in the construction trade, Select Plant Hire uses a large amount of industrial paint on a daily basis.  The biggest environmental issue when it comes to paint is Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions and the effect the solvents, found in the paints, have on the air we breathe.  Select Plant Hire challenged us to help reduce their solvent usage. Solution: We suggested using our Aquimax 1 product; a high build, water based primer finish, that is quick drying and leaves a hard-wearing satin finish coating.  The second step was application, which is vital when it comes to reducing over spray and paint wastage.  We proceeded to set up a paint trial with a Wagner Electrostatic water based spray unit. Shop Electrostatic Spray Gear Result: Using Aquimax 1 Water Based Topcoat combined with the spray unit resulted in a 50% paint reduction while VOC levels were also cut by 80%.   Aquimax 1 adhered to the shot blasted surfaces very effectively while the electrostatic spray system wrapped the paint around the item resulting in better adhesion and less overspray.  It was also safer to use for the paint sprayer and required no solvent for cleaning, so a further reduction in VOC levels.  Aquimax 1 is ideal for large paint users who are also looking to reduce solvent usage. Related Links: Aquimax 1 Download this Case Study

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