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With operations around the world, Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services provides integrated specialty services to the global energy, industrial, and infrastructure markets. Its extensive portfolio of service offerings includes Work Access, Formwork and Shoring, Coating Services, Insulation Services, Refractory Services, Special Mechanical Services and Cathodic Protection.

Spray Booth Challenges

With it's constant daily use, it's easy to neglect your spray booth and it doesn't take long for this essential area of production to become an eyesore to the team. The painter and his workstation becomes a regular point on the monthly meeting agenda! This is what happened at Brand. The painter and his team became concerned that the environment in and around the spray booth was affecting the desired finish of their painted products, not to mention the poor standards of health and safety it was causing. That's why they came to Ultrimax for support.


On our first visit to Brand Manchester we discovered the extraction in their booth wasn't working efficiently, because no filters had been put in place to draw the paint fumes and dust, so over time, overspray had started to cling to the walls and floor paint of the booth. This soon accumulated to several mm's, as seen on the 'before' pictures, meaning the floor was becoming extremely uneven and moving items into and around the booth was causing much frustration! Check out our short video on the importance of Floor Paint:

As 'Total Paint Shop Support' is what we're good at, a 'clean-down' was swiftly approved to reinvent the spray booth at Brand, to make it feel an integral part of their production process that it once was. The floor paint and walls were scraped back, the floor was re-painted in light grey and we re-painted the walls white to help brighten up the booth, assisting the painter in his job. With our concertina filter now in place too, and the extraction working efficiently, the booth was transformed into a bright hub, fresh and ready for action, even though the painter was reluctant to spoil it!


The reaction of the production manager said it all: "Wow! What a difference! The painter is now under pressure to keep it like this and maintain it, so it continues to run efficiently." However, Ultrimax won't be leaving it there. We'll be ensuring 'peace of mind' for the painter, because our team excels at follow up. We'll be visiting the painter again shortly to discuss and plan a maintenance schedule going forward, so it's kept in excellent working condition.

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Need more help?

When did your booth last get cleaned out? Have you added new floor paint recently ? Is your booth compliant to the latest health & safety standards? Do you have a sound maintenance plan for your booth? Contact Ultrimax and arrange a site visit to discuss your requirements further.

If you can't find a solution, give us a call  and we'll help guide you in the right direction.

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