Are Mirka Sanding Pads the Best? 5 Other Brands To Consider

Are Mirka Sanding Pads the Best? 5 Other Brands To Consider - Andy Potts October 9th 2020 (reading time 2 mins)

 mirka sanding discs


(Mirka Gold Sanding Pads - Available in various grit types)

Mirka, 3M, Sia, INDASA, Hermes and Ultrimax manufacture some of the best abrasive products on the market. Here's a quick look at their histories and what each company brings to the market.

Mirka Abrasives

A specialist in flexible abrasives and dust-free sanding systems for the joinery industry, Mirka has decades of experience and a strong reputation for innovation and quality. All its products are manufactured in Finland, with more than 90% being exported and sold in over 80 countries worldwide.

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Mirka produces some of the best abrasive products on the market, such as its Goldsanding pads, and Mirka Abranet and Autonet products that allow dust-free sanding when used with an extractor system. Pricewise, as you'd expect for products that offer quality and reliability, Mirka sits in the medium-high bracket. But for the price tag, you also get convenience. Mirka is a one-stop-shop for all things abrasive. They can supply you with your full sanding system, from a Mirka sander and extractor todiscs and polishing compounds.


 mirka sanding discs


 mirka dust extractor


Mirka sanding pads


Mirka extractors



Check out how to select the correct sander to go with your Mirka Abrasives:


3M Sanding Discs

Hailing from Minnesota in 1902, 3M had initially intended to mine for corundum: a mineral that is suited to the manufacture of sandpaper. That didn't go to plan, so 3M rose to the challenge of sourcing alternative raw minerals. That plan did work, and the company has been a pioneering force in the industry ever since.


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3M is your one-stop-sanding-shop for the automotive and rail industries. Whereas Mirka is the go-to brand for top-notch abrasion and dust-free sanding, 3M brings velcro-backed pads and glue technologies with superb stickability.


 3m sanding discs


3M Sanding Discs


Sia Abrasives

Sia has been manufacturing abrasive products at its site in Switzerland since 1875. As the industrial revolution brought demand for finishing tools and supplies, the company saw an opportunity to position itself as a specialist emery paper and emery cloth manufacturer. Today, Sia is one of the largest producers of coated abrasives in the industry.

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Sia's abrasive products are known for all-round performance at the mid-lower price scale. You won't get the top-end features such as anti-clog and dust-free sanding, but you will get value for money.


 sia sanding discs


Sia Sanding Products



Founded in Portugal 1979, INDASA is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high-performance abrasives. It specialises in the manufacture of innovative sanding systems that deliver market-specific solutions to manufacturing and service industries.


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Although comparable in terms of quality to big names like 3M and Mirka, INDASA's Rhynogrip range of sanding products is a little cheaper. Suitable for use in pretty much any application in any industry and on any substrate, Rhynogrip disks are quick and easy to fit, and crease and tear-resistant.



INDASA Rhynogrip Discs


Hermes Abrasives

Hermes Abrasives Ltd (Not to be confused with the well known delivery service) was founded in 1985. It manufactures a range of sanding products from its conversion plant in Colchester, including rolls, sheets, discs, non-woven abrasives. Hermes has earned a reputation for technical excellence and providing a high level of customer care. 

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and lacquer sanding products

Hermes' Double-Sided Soft Sanding Pads and Flexible Sanding Foam Roll are ideal for sanding primers and fillers and intermediate and fine sanding of lacquer and all types of wood. Both products use soft foam technology, allowing them to adapt well to contour and produce an excellent final finish.




Hermes Double-Sided Soft Sanding Pads


Hermes Flexible Sanding Foam Roll



Over 46 years of experience has developed Ultrimax into the dynamic family-run brand that it is today. The Yorkshire-born and bred company evolved from humble beginnings in Donald Hoare's home garage, where he sold cellulose paint and panels to the automotive repairs industry. Customers developed an appetite for Donald's friendly customer service and invaluable technical knowledge of the products that he sold. Six years later, the Hoares' built a warehouse, trade counter and offices. In the UK, Ultrimax has gained a reputation for manufacturing quality products at lower than big-name prices, easy-to-use online ordering and direct customer service from their Yorkshire HQ.

Shop for Ultrimax PSA and velcro sanding disks

Similar to Mirka Gold, the Ultrimax PSA and velcro own-brand ranges offer the same technology and level of performance at a lower price.




PSA sanding discs


Velcro sanding discs


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