Anthony Paulo Interiors Choose Sayerlack TZ99 as the Wood Paint For Spray

(Sayerlack TZ99 Proves the choice for wood painting ) - Author - Andy Potts November 1st 2021 (reading time 1 mins)


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Anthony Paulo Interiors - Showcase a beautiful Oak and MDF Project


Anthony Paulo Interiors Choose TZ99 for Wood Painting

When Kent based bespoke joinery and spraying company Anthony Paulo Interiors were asked to revamp empty space in a cavernous bedroom, they knew exactly how to create the desired effect. The customer wanted extra storage space with a contemporary twist to create a look that you couldn't buy from a standard High Street shop. It was also key to match the aesthetics already existing within this beautiful property.

In this design the property already had visually stunning alcoves and timber joists to work with and so quality of materials were maintained by building the bedroom furniture sets in MR MDF which is perfect for spraying. Handleless detail doors gave the impression of modernity and solid oak worktops matched the exisiting room features.

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Finished Sprayed Wood In French Grey with Oak Worktops                                


Spraying MDF Wood For Maximum Effect

Anthony Paulo Interiors opted for a sprayed MR MDF finish in a sprayed PU lacquer and for any non trade pro's reading this article, professional joiners often refer to a tinted PU lacquer in the same way that DIY'ers would say a tinted paint to the colour you need! Sayerlack TZ99 wood spray paint tinted to Farrow & Ball French Grey in matt was used to create this highly professional and long lasting finished look. 


Why Choose Sayerlack Spray Paint TZ99?

Sayerlack TZ99 is a premium two pack, pigmented Polyurethane topcoat for coating of any internal surfaces, such as kitchens, cabinetry and furniture. It gives exceptional durability and smoothness of finish for high-end manufacturers, and reduced discolouration from UV light compared to traditional products such as AC.  Certainly one for the professional end of the spectrum rather than the beginner. This spray paint requires air-fed respiratory gear and a hardener mixed to correct ratio to ensure best performance and safety. It's major benefit however is it cures exceptionally hard which is ideal for kitchen and bedroom furniture that will see significant traffic and movement.

  • Excellent opacity
  • Fast drying
  • High build
  • Shelf life un-limited if properly stored
  • Excellent slip and feel
  • Tintable to any colour same day

TZ99 as mentioned is a 2 Pack wood spray paint and therefore requires a hardener, the recommended hardener is to remain within system and use the TH720 product.

Choose a Full 2K Wood Spray Paint System

TH720 wood paint hardenerwood paint sayerlack hardenerwood spray paint topcoat

Sayerlack TH720 Hardener            Sayerlack TU574 Primer             Sayerlack TZ99 Topcoat


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