Airless, Air-Assisted Airless, or Electrostatic Paint Sprayer (Video)

3 different types of spray painting systems, airless pumps, air-assisted airless pumps, and electrostatic paint sprayers. All 3 give different types of spray finishes, watch the video below or read the blog to find out more.

Airless Spray Painting

Airless spray pumps deliver paint to the gun under high pressure, without the assistance of compressed air. The pump itself can be electric or pneumatic, so it can be air-operated, but air doesn't feed into the gun. Instead, the paint pushes through a tiny hole in the nozzle at high pressure to produce the fan pattern

This method is quick, and it works well with medium- to high- viscosity paints. The finish is fairly low-quality though, so use it for things like decorating and steel fabrication work.

Explanation of Airless Tip Sizes

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Air-assisted Airless spray guns.

The feeder pump for these can be electric, but they're generally pneumatic. The system is similar to an airless pump, but with the option of feeding air into the gun.

How does it work?

The pump unit contains two regulators - one for paint pressure and one for air pressure. You connect a blue hose to the paint regulator, and this delivers airless paint to your gun. A red hose connects to the air pressure regulator to deliver air to your gun, which increases the pressure.

Air-assisted airless Spray Pump

Whats the point in this?

It gives you much more control, allowing you to create a finer fan pattern for a high-quality finish. You can also switch the air-assisted regulator off and use the gun airless.

Air-assisted spray guns are good for achieving a fine finish in things like furniture manufacture or for painting cars, boats and plant machinery that require a smooth, high-gloss finish.

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Electrostatic paint sprayers

This system delivers an electric current from the unit's power pack, through the nozzle, to negatively charge the coating. The power pack has a second wire coming out of it that you attach to the item that you're coating. This gives it a positive charge. When you spray the negatively charged paint, it's attracted to the positively charged item, greatly reducing overspray. The paint particles spread evenly and easily wrap around the backs of curved surfaces.

Electrostatic Spray Gun

Electrostatic spray painting is ideal for finishing small items or difficult surfaces that would normally be prone to runs and misses. It reduces overspray, paint consumption and production time, which all save you money.

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