A New Decade and Ultrimax has Ambitious Plans to Provide Paint Shop Support in the UK

With significant investment already made Ultrimax are well placed to provide a Total Paint Shop Support in 2020.



 A busy start for the Ultrimax Coatings team, after a strategy meeting to kick of 2020.


Ultrimax Strategy Event on the 2nd January 2020


It wasn't all about lifting a Paint Shop Roller Handle though, some serious business was conducted and the 2020 year has seen some huge investment by the company to help support UK Paint Shops better.

A number of staff have been added to the ranks to help bolster support and ensure the customer journey is as smooth as possible:

Marketing Manager - Andy Potts has come onboard to smooth the process between Online Store and Marketing activities. 

'We have a number of new initiatives for 2020, an exciting and revamped Online Store to make purchasing easier, quicker and more streamlined. For the buyer who enjoys a treat...be that a web customer or account we have an exciting new loyalty scheme. Build up points to spend on products or popular gifts as you spend with Ultrimax. Many customers don't realise the full breadth of our 20,000 products in stock and so in 2020 we'd like to ensure customers are more aware of what we actually do"

Braden Smith - Marketing and Sales Assistant. Braden will bridge the gap between senior sales and marketing. Braden is already adept in design packages and has his own bank of clients including promoting our new overall and glove brands through the Amazon Channel. 

Order a FREE trial of Painters Overalls with Braden by filling in this form here. 

Warehouse Manager Mark Vine has only been with the company a month but has already implemented a number of changes to the stock system and general warehouse space. This will impact the speed of customer orders out of the door. (The warehouse is now a very clean and precise place to be !)


Customer Service in the Paint Shop

Customer service is always at the heart of everything we do at Ultrimax, but in 2020 we have laser focused our efforts. Customers now receive unprecedented levels of service & care from our team in a period where competitors have cut costs. 

Graham Martin our resident service guru (and Health & Safety official) has been doubling efforts to support customers. With many years experience in the coatings industry Graham always tops our poll in end of year surveys for positive comments! Whether you order 1 tin of thinners or 50 boxes of Mirka Gold, Graham is on hand to advise and follow your order from picking to your factory gate.


Increasing Production to Support Busy Paint Shops

It isn't just personnel increases at Ultrimax. The paint production department has been tripled in size to cope with the demands of our customers for more paint, delivered on tighter deadlines. The new Corob auto tinting systems have proven a huge success, allowing much tighter colour matching to customer batch requirements. 

Check out Colourmax Aerosols using the new Corob system.


Direct to Metal Launches Speed up Paint Shops

Demand for more direct to metal paint is increasing year on year to speed up plant projects on site. Ultrimax have launched the Ultrithane 31 - 2K Polyurethane paints. An ideal DTM paint to use when time, paint quality and colour matching is essential on site.

Ultrithane 31 is a high-build, one coat, anti-corrosive primer and topcoat, 2K Polyurethane.  This product has excellent resistance to weathering and will provide a long lasting finish.

This product can be applied direct to metal without the need of a primer.

Shop Ultrithane 31


Open for Business Spray Equipment Servicing Division 

To aid our customers looking for a Total Paint Shop solution Ultrimax now has a fully functioning Spray Equipment division. With a remit to service pumps and spray gear. All can now be fully serviced and given a clean bill of health on a rolling contract, or one off service agreement. Ensure your production line doesn't come to a grinding halt because of gear damage and breakdown.

Contact us for more info


Trade Counter for Easy Local Access

The new Ultrimax premises at Shaw Lane Ind Estate includes a newly operating trade counter for easy local access to Doncaster and its local areas.

With car parking for over 30 vehicles and free sweets with every order! What's stopping you from dropping in and getting that old school face 2 face customer service feeling again. Come and chat with us we're only at J4 of the M18.



Development of the Spray Booth Division

By popular demand due to the bespoke spray booth consultancy Ultrimax can provide. The division has expanded. One of our first to reach completion in this phase is a real monster! The ADE spray booth could easily fit a combat tank inside it and was specified to allow large generator unit

s to be prepped and sprayed. See the ADE Ltd Case Study in full detail here:


View ADE LTD Case Study.

Ultrimax now has a full for 2020 Spray Booth Pricelist and Guide.

Download now for a full range of spray booth prices and contact us for any bespoke requirements.



Gramos Water Wash Spray Booth Supply & Service

If you require a water wash spray booth then its likely that you'll be operating at a high level of spray production.

Check out our video for when you need a Water Wash Spray Booth:

Water wash booths are more expensive to run, but have the benefits of high production capabilities and a quicker waste disposal. This waste disposal only works efficiently however with the correct chemical supply and change times.

Ultrimax now offer a quick and efficient online service for ordering the various denaturants needed to ensure you're water wash booth remains in top condition. (We even offer consultancy services on how to maximise output and when to buy consumables for effective buying).

Check out a few of the chemicals you will need below:

Water Wash Spray Booths

This type of booth has a unique filtration system. Instead of using standard filters, the water traps paint particles. Denaturants in the water cause the particles to sink or float, making the waste easy to remove. This system is more cost-effective if you are using large volumes of paint every day.


Gramos Anti-Foam for Water Wash Spray Booths


Gramos Tak Kill Biocide Additive


Gramos Denaturants


A Brand You Can Trust

Ultrimax Coatings really is a brand you can trust in 2020 to provide you with over 100 years experience in paint shop consultation including x2 NACE Level 1 Inspectors providing key compliance advice when you require it.

For further compliance peace of mind Ultrimax are also ISO 9001, 45001 and 14001 accredited.

  lass="aligncenter wp-image-1698" src='/images/ww/blog-post/bsi-logo-v2-300x75.png' />

If you need a consultation contact us.

View our 20,000 product Ultrimax website dedicated to Paint Shop Support.

A final word for 2020 - the Ultrimax 'Total Paint Shop Support' system is a term we use at Ultrimax daily...but what does it mean for you, check out our company ethos below and how it can affect your business.


The Ultrimax 'Total Paint Shop Support Solution' in detail

The Ultrimax Total Paint Shop Support Team can supply you with your finishing product and touch-up aerosols, all in one order. Our specially designed cans have a unique spray gun style nozzle to provide the best possible finish for your customer. This service is suitable for any product, and all RAL and BS colours are available. Minimum order - 6 cans


Online Store 

Our online store enhances our 'total paint shop support' package, giving you instant access to all your paint & consumables, at extremely competitive prices.

Paint Manufacture

A huge range of industrial coatings to help you achieve your desired finish, including primers and both single pack and two pack topcoats.

Paint Shop Consumables

With over 45 years experience in the industry, we understand the consumables you need and provide over 20,000 products online.

Spray Equipment

A full range of spray equipment from leading brands such as Graco, Wagner and Iwata. 

Trusted Advice

With two NACE Cip level 1 inspectors in the team you can rest assured the advice you received is backed by the top standard in the industry.


Ultrimax qualified paint technicians offer valuable training, suggestions and advice ensuring you get the best finish for your project. We cover the UK and are on hand for demonstrations and trials. 

Health & Safety

95% of PPE suppliers don't understand the dangers of paint. Ultrimax is immersed in the world of paint and therefore we understand the correct gear for each step of the whichever process you use. 

Save Time

Ultrimax is the only paint supplier to respond to enquiries within 1HOUR!


For more information, call our Total Paint Shop Support Team on 01302 856666 or email sales@ultrimaxcoatings.co.uk .

Need advice but like watching short videos? checkout our YouTube Help Channel here



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