5 Ways Static Cling Paint Protection Film Can Save You Money

5 Ways Static Cling Paint Protection Film / Masking Film Can Save You Money. Author - Andy Potts July 16th 2020 (reading time 2 mins)


static cling film protection


Example of static protection film or masking film in action


It might be a little more expensive than standard masking sheeting, but clear static paint protection film wins hands down on performance.

Here's how it can save you production time. which will save you money.

  1. It's quick and easy to use

Standard masking films can be difficult to handle and apply, but clear static film makes the job much easier. The charge actively pushes the sheeting around the contours of the item that you're trying to cover, so you can quickly and accurately protect areas of the object that you're working on. It's super easy to cut and shape too.

  1. Masking film doesn't slip or lose its stick

Cling film lives up to its name. Because it uses an electrical static charge, it wraps around awkward surfaces, corners and contours and stays there. So, there's far less risk of accidentally spraying areas that you want to protect.

3. It's easy to remove

Static masking film is clean and easy to remove, and because there's no adhesive backing, it won't leave any residue.

4.It keeps your work area clean

Static doesn't just attract the film to the item that you're covering, it also draws particles and overspray to the sheet, so there's very little mess.

5. Masking film is versatile


Static masking film is available in widths to suit most situations, so it can cover large sections and whole vehicles in one pass.


View our overview video for Masking Film

Try the Ultrimax static cling paint protection film - Masking Film

Our clear static wrap is translucent and light-reflective to optimise visibility in the spray booth. Use it in conjunction with 3M Dirt Trap Film to protect your paint booth windows and lights.


static cling film


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Ultrimax Clear Static Paint Protection Film - Masking film


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Yellow Polymask Static Paint Protection Film - Masking film


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