2 Members of our Team are now Qualified NACE Inspectors!

Ultrimax are pleased to announce that two members of our team are now qualified NACE Inspectors.  Managing Director Giles Hoare, and Sales Director Bruce Hoare, successfully completed the NACE Level 1 Training Course in June this year - their certificates have just arrived! Like a consultation to speed up the process in your paint shop? Ask Giles! giles.hoare@ultrimaxcoatings.co.uk. With two NACE CIP Level 1 inspectors on the team, being supported by ULTRIMAX COATINGS Ltd has never been more valuable. Production Managers through to the applicators, can be given assurance and 'peace of mind' from the expertise available.  Therefore, ensuring 're-work' is abolished, bottle-necks on the shop-floor disappear, your reputation for being 'outstanding' goes viral! 'Surface preparation' checks & reports, during the application of a coating, 'wet film' checks & reports, through to 'dry film' checks and final reports. Support through the entire process, we'll ensure your application equipment & PPE is 'up to speed' and capable of the required project.  We like to work as a team with your valued personnel so your production targets are hit, what's more, your customers are 'wowed' into wanting more. The NACE Level 1 certification is designed for Coating Inspectors responsible for performing and documenting basic and non-destructive inspections of liquid coatings (Paint) applied by brush, roller or spray to steel surfaces under the supervision of a level 2 in a shop setting or level 3 inspector when working in a shop or field setting.
Commenting on the qualification, Sales Director, Bruce Hoare says "It was a very intense course, 6 full days of serious training, but already I can say it has proved so helpful, we're better equipped and can work with a  'hands-on' approach - we can be more effective in our support for our customers, ensuring their job is done well - first time."

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