"I have discussed with Mick, our production manager, and he has advised how happy he is with the service at Ultrimax.  We really appreciate your support.  And to further the comments from Mick, I would like to thank you for the excellent service level you have provided since we moved our paint shop supplies over to Ultrimax."  

Chris Russell, Purchasing Manager at Tchibo Coffee International Ltd


"As I move on from my current role, I would like to thank you for your help and support through the past few years and to let you know it's been a pleasure working with Ultrimax.  Your turnaround time has been fantastic and whenever we have had an issue with colour matching, you have been straight up to sort it out.  Many thanks again."

 Buyer, Snorkel Europe Ltd


"The way Ultrimax deal with issues so quickly and efficiently - that's what I class as a quality supplier.  Keep up the good work, and the business will continue to be yours."

Guyson International 


"Ultrimax are the only supplier that I have ever dealt with that has made my job so easy: the knowledge, understanding, and the way you are always extremely helpful and patient, makes it a pleasure to deal with you.  One thing for sure I would never go looking for another paint & consumable supplier."

Stuart Group


"From the initial phone call to the visit, advice, and delivery of the paint all within 24 hours was superb. I appreciate it and I know the people at Brand will as well."

Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services


"Highly efficient.  Thank you for the excellent service I had from your store.  I could not have asked for better."

Trusted Online Customer


"Ultrimax is one of my best suppliers.  Customer service is great, as well as the quality of the products.  I can only recommend you."

Harlow Group Ltd


"Your customer service is of the highest calibre and it has been a pleasure ordering from you."

Hardall International 


“Really good service and very helpful with advice.  I will be using Ultrimax from now on.”

Complete Blasting Services


“It’s not just me, but all staff here are extremely happy with Ultrimax, we’ve had issues, but you have sorted them immediately, the quality of the product and service is second to none, so much so it has had a knock–on affect with our customers, our paint side of the business is in full demand – keep it up, it’s all yours.”

Engineering company in Staffordshire


“Highly Recommended.  Great service and prompt delivery.”

Crane company in Midlands


“Provide a good service and have good knowledge and history in the products we use which is important. They provide technical support in the products and provide us with alternative paints to those that sometimes we cannot source.”

Machinery manufacturer in Yorkshire


“Good product range suits the need of the company.”

Plant hire company in Essex


“Swift Service.”

Lift company in Midlands


"Excellent service, was phoned to explain colour was to be specially made up.  Delivery was as promised.  More to the point Paint (Ultrimax 1) is excellent.  Applied by roller or brush, it goes on extremely well and dries within 20 mins to a surface, which means things can be gently moved.  When cured has a great surface and seems really tough."

Richard Janes Sculpture


“Their prices are so much better without compromising quality and service.”

Engineering company in Midlands


“Better price and delivery.”

Lift company in Merseyside


“From the 1st conversation via the online chat, the person I spoke to knew the correct product I needed and upon using the product (Ultrimax SGX), its provided a great fantastic finish to my shipping container.  5* All the way and will use again.”

Shipping Container Company


“Better service and more competitive.”

Steel fabrication company in Yorkshire


“We like the attitude and enjoy their usual professional outlook.”

Container company in Suffolk


“Your approach to customers and their needs has massively improved over the last 6 months, whatever strategy you are using is working for the better, you don’t give me an option now but to choose your company everytime.”

Steel fabrication company in Yorkshire


“Thanks for the impeccable service you have provided over the course of this contract, hopefully we will win more work and continue to use you in the future.”

Rail Industry Supply company in Yorkshire



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