From Water based paints to High Solids Coatings we can reduce your VOC levels to achieve your sustainability targets.

At Ultrimax we are fully committed to the environment and helping our customers become more sustainable. We’re proud to say that it’s something we’ve been doing for some time.

Even before the EU directive in 2004, stating that some paints could not be marketed if they contained more than a specified amount of organic solvent, we were manufacturing products with reduced Volatile Organic Compounds and promoting the benefits of our water-based Aquimax range.

Sustainability starts here.


Nowadays, we are delighted to assist our customers in meeting their sustainability targets. From local authorities, who are more active in looking at ways to reduce emissions, to businesses such as plant manufacturers, agricultural machinery manufacturers and rail refurbishment companies, who use more than 5 tonnes of VOC per year. We can help in many ways, including the introduction of electrostatic paint spraying equipment, which can reduce product usage by up to 20% – and therefore VOCs.

We also report the VOC levels on every invoice, so usage can be easily tracked.  Supplying paint in any quantity, with no minimum order, means less wastage for our customers.  These things are just some of the examples that can add up and make the difference. It’s all part of our commitment to sustainability – and to do our bit to help the world around us. For help meeting your sustainability targets, call 01302 856666, email or use our online form.


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