Stock Management Systems

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The Intelliport Stock Control

Similar to an airport scanner – operator enters the intelliport (archway) by personal pin or badge, into a ‘secure cage’ or ‘shelved area’ stocked with consumables, every item stocked is labelled, as the operator picks what he needs & makes his way back through the archway, every item picked, is then scanned automatically, all data logged and sent to the relevant recipients.

How It Works


Employee enters the Intelliport by using their employee badge or number.



User picks the items he requires.



The user walks back through the arch and the system automatically books the item(s) out and reorders the product.

Benefits of an Inventory Management System

  • Accountability
  • 24/7 Access
  • Security
  • Automatic Ordering & Invoicing
  • No Stock Outs
  • Reduction in Walk & Wait Times
  • Reduction in Site Visits due to High Capacity
  • Rationing & Restrictions
  • Access to Live Data via Web Portal

Sage 200 Barcode Stock Movement System

How It Works

  • Consignment Stock put in your stores with max and re-order levels set. Barcode fixed to each stock location.
  • Handheld Scanning Device supplied to your Stores Manager.
  • As items are requested from shop floor, store manager scans each item out and can assign to each user.
  • When stock reaches re-order level it sends a trigger email to our sales team to replenish stock.
  • Goods are dispatched to your stores and stock levels are updated
  • Stock usage reports can be printed off as required.

Consignment Stock Cabinets


  • Lockable stock cabinets provided FOC
  • Stock loaded on consignment
  • Min/Max levels set for each product

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