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Ultrimax Electrostatic Paint Additive

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5 Litre
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Product Description

Electrostatic Additive Apply Via Electrostatic Spray Equipment

In The Box

1 x 5ltr Electrostatic Additive in Paint Tin


Electrostatic Thinners helps to get a better wrap round effect on the substrate of paint coverage, which is a key benefit of electrostatic systems being the reduction in paint usage.

Ultrimax Electrostatic Additive has been formulated to adjust the resistivity of compatible topcoat paints to allow them to be applied via electrostatic spray equipment. The additive is simple to use simple add up to 5-10% by weight to the mixed ready to use topcoat.

When used with a compatible topcoat at the applicable mix ratio it is ideal for application on to bare steel, mild steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel, zinc sprayed steel, plant equipment, diggers, dumpers, excavators, earthmovers, back hoes, street masters, mini diggers, micro diggers, power barrows, screed pumps, lifting equipment, cranes, crawler cranes, goods hoist, engine hoists, generators, agricultural equipment, tractors, trailers, combine harvesters, bailers, muck spreaders, tillers, ploughs, light industrial equipment, workshop equipment, engine hoists, car jacks, machine tools, lathes, milling machines, surface grinders, pull saws, break presses, drill presses, break presses, guillotines, roller shutters, steel doors, cars, trucks, motorcycles, steel shelving, steel structures, plus many more


Best Uses and When Not To Use Electrostatic Additive

Ultrimax electrostatic is best used with a compatible topcoat. Do not use with topcoats or primers that include zinc as zinc counteracts the electrostatic additive solution and dilutes the reaction. This additive is ideally used when application via electrostatic spray equipment is required, using in the aforementioned system at a 5-10% mix ratio maximum. The additive will allow the paint to attract to surfaces better than without an additive ensuring it 'wraps' around steel which produces a better paint finish and reduces paint waste. You will visually see the paint arc and attract towards the steel when using electrostatic painting and the additive multiplies this effect.

Electrostatic Application

To use Ultrimax electrostatic additive simply add up to 5% by weight (to a max of 10%) to the mixed ready to use topcoat. To achieve the optimal resistivity please refer to the manufacturers technical data sheet for applicable mix ratio.(see downloads tab)

Once combined with a compatible topcoat such as Ultrimax Gloss or it can be applied via electrostatic spray equipment, when using electrostatic spray equipment it is important to ensure all safety procedures are adhered to and the objects being painted are properly earthed.

Always consult the manufacturer’s technical datasheet prior to use.



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