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Unic Airless Solvent Water Cleaner / Spray Gun Cleaner Station

Product Ref: UN-UED-35AR

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Product Description


Unic Airless Solvent Cleaner / Spray Gun Cleaner Station

A unique airless solvent cleaning station from UK Manufacturer UNIC. CLean guns, Clean hose lines and reduce your VOC's to ZERO!

Called the UNIC Edition 35, celebrating 35 years of Unic International. The new Edition 35 range boasts some advantages over other cleaning machines.


Height: 1750mm | Width: 800mm | Depth: 440mm | Weight: 57kg (Standalone Unit)


Key Features of The Spray Gun Cleaner

Clean solvents

Cleans Water based liquids

Reduces VOC's to Zero -

Recycles Solvent and reduces your requirement to purchase new solvent

Clean Rinse & Air Rinse Modes

Spray Gun Clean Box for cleaning through lines.

Spray Gun wand for cleaning spray guns and equipment individually with recycled solvent


Spray Gun Cleaners Reduce VOC's

Spray gun cleaner inline filtration, the little blue filter is inline filtration for your spray gun cleaner. Fitted to your spray gun cleaner it filters paint solids and removes these from the cleaning solution, thus extending the fluid life and reducing use. In turn, reducing VOC’s. Up to 75% reduction can be achieved in both usage and VOC’s.

Solvent Reduction Valve.  Solvent evaporation loss can cause an increase in solvent use and VOC’s. A Simple solution is to fit a solvent reduction valve to the exhaust of your solvent based spray gun cleaner.  The valve will then open and close with the operation of the machine reducing evaporation loss, in many cases saving solvent and reducing VOC’s.


This unique design can be purchased as a standalone unit with convenient internal storage area for both solvent and recycled product. The all new 35 comes with a 'spray gun box' which allows the handler to place the gun with trigger lock into the box and automatically clean through hose lines. The design means solvent moves through the clean box via a tube into the recycled solvent area below the machine ready to be reused for other spray gun and equipment cleaning. By making spray gun and hose cleaning easy, you can mulitply the life length of your spray equipment and even complete other tasks while you await the hose lines to be cleaned through.


Durable Construction

Stainless steel construction means the unit is chemically resistant and durable. A 5 year spray gun cleaner pump warranty backed by UNIC takes care of your investment.


Solvent And Water Based Ready

Our Edition35 machines can be used with solvent, water and hybrid based cleaning fluids such as Standard Thinners 25 litre.


Key Features

  • High pressure internal washing jets
  • 5″ extraction
  • High Power cleaning up to 20ltrs per min
  • Patent pending easy locate system
  • New ergonomic washing height
  • Automatic wash
  • Manual flow through brush
  • Manual clean rinse
  • Air blow gun
  • Automatic air extraction
  • Lid lock safety switch
  • 5 year pump warranty
  • Superior inline filtration for gun wash life extension, Little Blue Filter
  • Gas strut supported lid
  • Suitable for gravity and suction fed guns


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