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Unic Solvent Recycling Machine - 25 Litre (Recover 95% of Solvent)

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Product Description

Unic Solvent Recycling Machine USD45XPE - 25 Litre

Most businesses lose the solvent they spend £1000's on per year. To ensure spray lines and machinery is clean and in top working condition solvent is used to clean them thoroughly. After use normally on 5% of this solvent is recycled and put back into use. With a solvent recyler like the UNIC 25 ltr Solvent Recycling Machine you can recycle 95% of your solvent. Reduce waste disposal costs, reduce VOC levels across your company and reduce your solvent output below licensing levels.

Licensing and ever-increasing waste disposal costs has seen an upturn in the use of solvent recyclers. The solvent recycler by a process of distillation, converts contaminated solvents into clean re-usable solvent - reducing your solvent purchases. The machine is made of Copper and stainless steel, 25lt capacity and fully certified to Eexd standards. It is also ATEX certified. A typical cycle is between 3 to 5 hours and the waste product is left in a bag inside the machine upon completion.


Don't Take Our Word For It - Street Crane Testimonial

We've collaborated with companies all over the world to reduce VOC's and solvent use via these innovative machines. Here's well known UK crane company Streetcrane advising their experience of solvent recyclers.

“Through our extensive environmental management system and ongoing improvement programmes, Street Crane are actively addressing the challenges posed by climate change and managing our environmental impact.
Our environmental strategy for 2021 has addressed solvent emissions and solvent waste across our operation as we strive to continually strengthen our environmental practices whilst still continuing to comply with all applicable environmental regulations.
With the ongoing support from Ultrimax Ltd, Street Crane installed a solvent recycling machine in January 2021 and have achieved 100% solvent waste reduction, all waste solvent produced is now recycled and put back into the process, this year alone Street Crane have recycled over 1,000 litters of waste solvent”

solvent recycler testimonial


Solvent Recycler Key Benefits

  • Up to 95% solvent recovered

  • 25 Ltr capacity

  • Economic to run

  • Vastly reduces solvent waste disposal costs

  • Reduces solvent purchases

  • In many cases reduces VOC consumption below licensing level

  • Low Maintenance

  • Explosion proof controls

  • Automatic operation

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Regeneration cycle 5-7 hours

  • Flame proof construction

  • Fully certified to EEXd standards

  • Improved environmental activities

  • Reduces health and safety risk

  • Wall mounted transfer pump for filling – optional

  • ATEX Compliant


The Figures - How Much Will A Solvent Recycler Save Me?

Solvent recyclers aren't just about solvent cost savings they provide a full circle of time, waste, VOC and product savings for your company. Here are the hard facts;

  • Reduce solvent waste disposal costs. The recycler converts waste to non-hazardous status and dry solids meaning no specialist removal costs.
  • Reduce VOC's by approx 22kg per 25 litres of average gunwash recycled.
  • Reduce Health and Safety inspections by storing less solvent on site.
  • Up to 98% of solvent can be recovered and reused meaning less requirment for buying new clean solvent.
  • 5-7 hr running cycle converts quickly at an average cost of £3 (electricity, solvent bag, service) per 25 litres or (0.12p a ltr)


The Solvent Recycling Process

Get a view of how a solvent recycler actually works below from setup to the distillation cycle and the end product. Alternatively watch our UNIC video on the 'VIDEO' tab above.

solvent recycling process

Optional Extras - Available

  • 80ltr Stainless steel collection tank with transfer pump
  • Transfer loading pump, internal or wall mounted
  • Spill tray for 25ltr solvent recyclers


Finance Options - Lease Deals

Like any piece of capital equipment, Ultrimax can provide leasing and financial options to pay for your UNIC Solvent Recycling in easy monthly payments which can be claimed as an expense for your company. This releases cashflow for your business and counts as a capex cost for your balance sheet. Ultrimax has partnered with Kennet Leasing to provide finance for both Ltd companies and individual Sole traders / Partnerships. If you would like further information regarding leasing contact us at marketing@ultrimaxcoatings.co.uk

Technical Detail

Technical Information

Electrical:240 volt single phase 1.5kw
Operating temperature:60-200ºc
Cooling:Fan assisted air cooled

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